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Elrod Commerical Hits The Air: Got A Little Excited There, Did Ya, Kids?

With three days to go, Jon Elrod's bake sale fundraising efforts paid off: He finally has enough money to put a stock footage ad on television over the weekend. Perhaps, however, he should strive to enhance the education prong of his platform. Or at least invest in some spell-check software.


Petty? Yes. But we live for the petty here. And the ad itself is pretty lame.


Petty Cash,

Do you really think anyone is fully prepared to go to congress? No. (no matter what people say, the Bush Leagues of the Indiana State Capitol do not prepare you for D.C.) That is why they are assigned mentors who help them navigate the halls of Congress. Andre is most qualifies, as he is the only member of the Democratic field (or Republican for that matter) who will be more fully embraced by the leadership of Congress. Not David O, not Mays, not Meyers…and definitely not Elrod.

Do you think maybe Elrod's just waiting to see who wins the democratic primary? After whoever wins Tuesday, there's going to be a whole new scenario up until we find out in May.

All of us in politics need to find times to cross over and vote for candidates on the other side... to be unable to do so when there is a better alternative makes us realize we have fallen into a place where we vote for the wrong person just to help the party... and that's never a good thing... for us OR for the party!

10:11: Thanks for the thoughtful post. It is a tough call Tuesday. But your last line was troubling;

"...There is no candidate in the Democratic field who is more prepared, who will be more fully embraced by leaderdship and mentored in Washington D.C. than Andre Carson."

If you meant to add the "mentored in DC" part to weaken the "prepared" comment, so be it. Point made.

But anyone who thinks Andre is best-prepared to serve, is just not paying attention.

On Tuesday, he's less-prepared than Jon Elrod. You can argue that he's even less-prepared than the Libertarian candidate--I don't define public office as the sole preparer of a potential M.C., but it helps.

And on May 6, Andre, by any reasonable measure, is fourth-best prepared on the Democratic side.

Would he be a good Congressman? Likely. But best-prepared? Not even close.

And at the end of it all, my gag reflex just isn't very good. Having something shoved down my throat at two slating conventions is not very palatable. Why? Because I've spent more times in the Democratic trenehces than Andre by more than triple.

And that experience tells me Andre should've waited.

Dem to Dem,

To be sure, there are hangers-on that feel they need to support Andre to retain their slice of the pie, but there are also plenty of young, energetic and thoughtful people surrounding Andre because they believe in his sincerity and desire to help the 7th District.

There is no candidate in the Democratic field who is more prepared, who will be more fully embraced by leaderdship and mentored in Washington D.C. than Andre Carson.

Sorry but I don't buy the "unique background to serve" argument. That being said, you really don't need any qualifications to serve in Congress. But among all of Indianapolis it is sad that the Dems have nominated Andre Carson as its nominee. We sure don't dream big. And it looks like a lot of Andre's support is coming from hangers-on who need to be close to power to get their scraps. They know who they are and how they've sold out.

Petty Cash,
I empathize with your points. I'm a Dem who was originally unsure about Carson too. He's young and has little direct experience in govt not to mention all the negative unfounded rhetoric flying around cyber space. I'm also a fan of David O. But... I have had the opportunity to actually get to know Andre over the last few months. I've actually had reasonably extensive conversations with him and listened and observed him in small groups settings. I came away impressed. He's smart, articulate, has a reasonable grasp of the issues for being so new to it but most importantly I was impressed with his sincerity and concern when listening and interacting with others. I think he really wants this job because he really cares about the people in the 7th. He also has life experiences which make him uniquely qualified to serve in the 7th that few other candidates have.

Dem to Dem I encourage you to, without bias from the Carson name, give him a chance. I think you wont' be disappointed.

Don't give up! Vote your conscience! Ignore most of what you read on blogs. It's mostly entertainment.

"You know, I'm not Wilson, or melyssa, or anybody "important" in the blogosphere, just a registered Democrat who's trying to get more information. Don't know who's real in the arena, it's all fluff, and pr. But if Andre's name wasn't Carson (and I did always vote for Julia), would his "street cred" be enough for me to choose him? This, my friends, is what leads to absolute apathy. You all snipe at each other via blog, the mainstream media doesn't tell it all, my vote/opinion seems useless. I give up."

Around the ol' wateringhole tonight, speculation about Elrod's [recycled] campaign sign...

Wait for it...

A guy in the closet?

I swear, I don't make this stuff up.

Elect Elrod!

Annoy Wilson!

I, like many of my friends, aren't sure who to vote for. We refuse to vote for a Carson, won't vote for a Libertarian, and just can't make ourselves vote for a Republican, even though he's a good guy. At the same time we refuse to not exercise our right to vote.

SO, here's your solution: It won't count, but when you get your ballot, write "David Orentlicher" on the ballot and slide it in the ballot box. If nothing else we're getting good practice for May 6th.

This desperate TV spot was created by Main1Media, Eric Miller's graphics team. If Elrod is supposedly so LGBT-friendly, why is he still consorting with those GOP fundies? Why is his scarce campaign cash flowing to the Eric Miller crew?

At the end where Elrod has to "approve" the message, it was clearly done over the phone. This lacks SO much professionalism!

We were showing this ad to our 6th grader, a proud YD, and he noticed that the word "television" is also misspelled. Take another look. Ouch.

Every time I see the Elrod logo I think of a dog house.

Anyone else see the google ad on the front page for McCain? What's up with that, TDW?

Wilson46201, out of your 30% only 10% give a poo and out of that 10% only maybe 5% are educated enough to know how to vote correctly (that is voting for a person that best represents their interest). Granted this spread can be used for all people. Only a small part of the voting public truly know how to vote correctly, you know, the cost / benefit of casting that vote.

And on Elrods commercial, nothing like recycling video from an ad that never ran. Last I looked outside it was cold and out right depressing. Even though trees with leaves in the background does kind of warm you. Oh, what's up with the "Little guy inside the house" on his logo?

Oh yeah, and Wilson: don't dare define my aprty loyalty base don my vote Mar. 11.

Don't even go there. I am not alone as a Democrat who wil likely vote for Elrod. Not even close to being alone.

And my party credentials rival or beat yours.

It's my party that let me down on this one, not the other way around.



Steph, darling, I'm sorry I don't have the same computer skills you seem to have. But try to stick to the subject, huh?

The subject was, and is: the Carson campaign seriously aletered a photograph to create the impression two people were standing beside one another. They've done it twice this week in direct-mail pieces delivered to our doors. It was and is ridiculous. There was a time when my party, the Democrats, wouldn't stoop to this kind of nonsense.

Airbrushing, photo-shopping, whatever it's called, you certainly understood what I meant, didn't you? The method used, and its technical title, is not important. The act is important.

Stop Wilsoning things. You know and I know the alteration of photos to create an impression that does not otherwise exist, is bush league. The method used is immaterial.

If I throw a rock or a stapler at you, requiring stitches to close the wound, does it really make a difference which weapon it is? Aren't you still injured? Geeeeesh.

The issues alone give Andre much to talk about. He should stick to them. So should you. When he does, and refrains from painting his opponent's image, he usually does well.

I've got some Fortran programming to do. See ya.

Wilson, I suppose the reason Jon didn't have in blacks in his commercial is because he didn't have the cash to pay them to stands as props like the people in Carson's ads.
Besides, why should Elrod waste his time on 30% of the population of the 7th District when he knows that 95% of that minority won't vote for him because he's white man.
Seems like good politics to me. You dance with the one that brung ya.

Petty Cash - if you're not going quit talking about things you don't understand, (i.e. photo alteration) then please at least learn to spell "Photo-shopping" correctly. You're doing it wrong.

I saw the Elrod commercial. It is pretty lame. But I don't think voters in the Special are going to be moved one way or the other with TV ads. Andre's are pretty weak, too. The Evan Bayh endorsement looks like a YouTube ad.

Many of my neighbors are horrified with the mail pieces we've gotten from Andre--about 12 in all so far. One earlier this week, and one that arrived today, had photo-shopped pictures of Elrod and W together.

That's a far more aggregious faux pas than improper spelling of a website word, Jen. When you try to join someone at the hip to an unpopular politician, doing it with words is one thing. Maybe even a parody, or cartoon, would work. I think many of us would recognize the spoof factor in a cartoon. And, if Hillary hadn't beaten the sense of hummor out of all of us with her tactics of recent days, we might even get a giggle out of a cartoon.

But actual photographs, made to look as if the two men are beside one another, is disgusting.

And I cannot believe my party stooped to it.
On behalf of well-meaning Democrats everywhere, an apology for this nonsense.

"That duck still isn't registered to lobby?"

And when did honesty or legalities ever stop a democrat?

"If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck..."

That duck still isn't registered to lobby?

Relax. TDW will learn as she earns. We all started our practice of law with a struggle here and there. She will learn the ropes when she has to do "billing". We all become whores for our employer.

ummm... Hippie Joe or Orentlicher arent on the ballot. There's only one Democrat: Andre Carson on March 11th.

Wilson doesn't know when to shut up.can Andre say thank you Wilson?

"No real Democrat would even consider voting for a Bushzoid Republican liked Elrod."

Keep spreading the cow dung Mr. Wilson,
thousands of democrats will vote the special for Elrod.

Wilson, you have truly pissed me off.

I don't comment around here regularly, and I normally just take your blathering around the local blogs as par for the course. But don't you DARE question anyone's Democratic loyalty because they aren't prepared to vote for Andre Carson. You think it helps your case when you respond to people like that? You think it helps Andre's cause?

I'd ask you to give me some actual, substantive reasons why I should consider voting for Andre, but all I'd get is pithy invective covered up in self-righteousness. No thanks.

I'm damned proud to be a Democrat, and regardless of the outcome of the special election, I will be proud to cast my vote for David Orentlicher. Thanks for helping me make up my mind.

Great comparison of Elrod's desperate TV spot to Ed Mahern's effort! Both will be equally effective...

Dear "marie": in Indiana, nobody is registered to a party. You Claim to be a Democrat: you should know by now there is a single Democratic candidate for Congress facing off against a Republican. André Carson is endorsed by many Democratic leaders locally and nationally. No real Democrat would even consider voting for a Bushzoid Republican liked Elrod.

"Carson's a lobbyist? That's a new one." - TDW

Not everyone has a law degree, Jen, but it doesn't take a NASA jet propulsion engineer to figure out that a City County Councillor employed as a "marketing specialist" for a firm that relies on city contracts is unquestionably a lobbyist.

Res Ipsa Loquitur

If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck...

How soon we forget Ed Mahern's sad excuse for a TV buy. You want to talk about weak ads by Marion County politicos, what did you have to say about Ed in that Mister Rogers cardigan shot on a 1994 Sony Handicam?

Shouldn't you be gently warming creamed peas and squash for baby TDW now anyway?

You know, I'm not Wilson, or melyssa, or anybody "important" in the blogosphere, just a registered Democrat who's trying to get more information. Don't know who's real in the arena, it's all fluff, and pr. But if Andre's name wasn't Carson (and I did always vote for Julia), would his "street cred" be enough for me to choose him? This, my friends, is what leads to absolute apathy. You all snipe at each other via blog, the mainstream media doesn't tell it all, my vote/opinion seems useless. I give up.

Yeah: lame duck George Bush threatens to veto anything progressive and his Rubber-Stamp Republicans wont vote to overcome his veto.

Its sort of like a bully beating somebody up and then the bully laughs at the victim for being so bruised and cut up. The GOP is shameless that way.

I just loved that Carson's answer to every question was "we need to bring our troops home from Iraq." That's why pelosi and the dems on the 06 elections, because they promised to get the troops home...that worked out well...

They fixed it.

Carson's a lobbyist? That's a new one.

Am I missing something? I didn't see Washington misspelled?

Typos happen it should have been checked.
What about Carson's statements last night that he was a police officer?
He's a lobbyist!!!!
He is a former excise officer, key word here is former and being an excise officer is a joke when compared to being a real police officer.
Elrod goofed and Carson miss-led, but then it is politics isn’t it and we can‘t expect our candidates to tell the truth, can we?

Actually, the ad itself also has a glaring typo in it.

Jon Elrod wants to go to Washington, but he can't seem to spell it right.

hmmm...i wonder if Wilson read amos brown's article this morning, cause his post was ripped right out of the article...so much for original thoughts.

Doesn't Jonathon know any African-Americans? The 7th District is 30% Black - the Elrod commerical is lily-white (except for the distorted image of André Carson)

what a grate commerical!

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