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Elrod Goes Wingnuts: When All Else Fails, Break Out The WedgeWhack!

If Jon Elrod was hoping to attract moderate and independent voters with his "maverick" campaign image, this probably was not the best way to do it (click on the images to see them full-size):




"By the way, can someone explain the images on Jon Elrod's campaign sign? I don't get what the house and stars are supposed to represent. Is it supposed to look like the Indiana flag, or what?"

I took it to mean that Elrod was coming out of the closet.

Desperate Darla is now belittling my camera! She's such a whiner and loser...

"a $1500 camera"

Wilson the last time you saw fifteen hundred bucks was when you were a bagman for Julia Carson.

That $25.00 pawn shop special is hardly worth $1500.00

I don't have much to add to this conversation, though I enjoy playing along at home, and I'm always here to referee, if need be.

I certainly hope, though, that the primary will be conducted above-board and sans character assassination.

Just to be civil I hope the Democratic Party primary campaign in the 7th District will be conducted in a polite and respectful manner, focusing on issues rather than personalities, and devoid of slander, character assassination, and other non-productive methods that wear us all out and make it hard for TDW to be interested in the conversation when she's taking care of a baby.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Start your engines!

By the way, can someone explain the images on Jon Elrod's campaign sign? I don't get what the house and stars are supposed to represent. Is it supposed to look like the Indiana flag, or what?

Hey, when a person like Darla Y Williams lunges forward and pushes a $1500 camera against my face, that's thuggish! In public too with many witnesses...tsk,tsk!

Like I said, she couldn't carry her own home precinct: she lost it 166-11 - her neighbors know her character!

"That thuggish Darla Y Williams was seen assaulting me"

At 5' and 110 lbs Darla is hardly a thug. Wilson you're just a sissy.

Stalkers get what they deserve, SMACK!! Boooo hoo cries poor Wilson.

Wilson got smacked by a girl a month ago and he is still crying like a baby.
What a woosie.

What a superficial way to vote!

Thanks to Wilson, my vote is going to Elrod Tuesday.

That thuggish Darla Y Williams was seen assaulting me at a public debate. She's now going ballistic by trying to smear me. She's been sending out that Farrakhan video crap all over the place. The Democrats dumped her and she's been kicked to the curb by the GOP - she's a loser. She ran for public office and lost her own precinct 166-11. Her own neighbors know her real character!

The special on Tuesday is a toss up because it is a "special" and voter turn out is such an unknown factor. The real election is the May Democratic Primary. Whomever wins that is our next congress person from the 7th. Kerry destroyed Bush in 2004, Kennedy slaughtered Brizzi in 2006 and Peterson killed Ballard in 2007. And nobody can say that moderates or independents were voting for Julia in 2006 when she won once again.

Carson and Wilson are the main topics at the Minority Report. Seems Wilson has been stalking a.. woman?? http://www.indianaminorityreport.com

"André Carson has taken NO money from "suspicious sources" - the one questionable contribution was quickly refused and returned."

Only after being outed. Spin Wilson spin the deed is done and so is your man.

I'm just happy this will all be over -- at least for a little bit -- on Tuesday.

Yeah, then why did it show up on the FEC report as a distribution???

That means he asked for the money, took the money, deposited the money and then later had to write a campaign check to return the money.

And if you think at the same time it is OK to use the deaths of American kids fighting in a war on a campaign mailing, then you REALLY REALLY REALLY make me mad...

I don't care what party does that... it is OUT OF BOUNDS!!!

I need to go make some calls... this is not good.

André Carson has taken NO money from "suspicious sources" - the one questionable contribution was quickly refused and returned.

But truth and honesty don't matter to the Elrod wingnut crowd...

If that awful pack of lies re: choice only went to hard R pro life voters, why did this life long Democrat who supports a woman's right to choose get one. It really cemented my vote for Carson. I intend to share it with some Dems who were sitting on the fence ...it will help them make them decision also.

Just read Tully... Carson mailed a flyer with a burned-out U.S. Humvee???

And we are taking shots at Elrod for this goofy mailing?

Now, I'm really ticked off... using the deaths of some American soldiers while taking money from a guy being investigated by the FBI for supporting terrorism (story in Saturday's Star) to run for U.S. Congress????

What the $%^!@$%! kind of communications oversight is that on a federal campaign???? Where was the DCCC or state party in preventing that crap?

No way Carson is getting my vote... and I'll make sure a LOT of others vote against him too.

BIG mistake !!!

Good citizens discuss issues.
Good voters discuss candidates.
Shadowy gossips discuss me.

I'll admit it would have been interesting to see the uproar if the mailing had said "48 million abortions and Elrod believes that is 47.5 million too many!"

Elrod wins Tuesday because he's a better choice than Carson... not because he ran the perfect campaign...

That and because Wilson loses Carson about 500 votes. Some smart Dem should have bought Wilson a ticket to Key West for the month!

has elrod had a kid?
does he own a gun?
if neither he should stop pandering

Of course, that's 48 million (give or take -- some of those pregnancies wouldn't result in live birth) who won't be added to our jail population.

Or, haven't y'all read "Freakonomics"?

now you see why Hippie Joe is called a Neo-Nazi and a nutcase...

Did you watch Elrod on Inside Indiana this morning Wilson? He put Carson to shame as far as being honest, likable, and sincere. He also wants to end the war, serve his constituents, and be financially responsible. He could be a Democrat, no problem.

Because you are such a jerk Wilson ,I'm going to vote for John Elrod on Tuesday. How long have you been queer Wilson. Are you one of those park bathroom 'trollers'?

So your calls weren't about "fiscal conservatism" or "constituent services" but about time-tested GOP wedgewhack issues: abortion and guns! Elrod's no moderate but just another little rich boy running to get the wingnuts vote...

I made 300 calls for Jon yesterday to soft D's and R's. I was asked repeatedly "who supports right to life" each time I answered I heard "that's who I'm voting for". Far East Warren Township calls not hardly GOPville.
All of you pro-choicers take a look at your youngest child and honestly say that you had the right to have canceled that life. I dare ya.
By the way, I was working the Gun owner list.

Is Hippie Joe delusional or what?

The really funny thing here was watching Carson on Inside Indiana this morning.

When asked if he would support "privatization" of some young workers social security investments stupid Carson flubbed up and said "Yes, he would".

And then, to make himself look even dumber, Carson , when asked about voting to fund the Iraq war said "I would vote to finance the war" (or words to that effect)

To top it off Carson is sitting in a Denny's with a waitress in the background distracting the viewer.

Getting a little nervous when asked about Louis Farrakkkan, Carson starts to brag about how he has experience in "intelligence" and "homeland security".

What was Carson anyway? A Narc. and undercover informant spying on people and then turning them in?Was this guy a snitch?

Even if Julia's friends all vote for Carson out of loyalty to her, and he squeezes by for her sake this time, just wait until May 6th when I team up with the other decent citizens and boot Carson out of the race.

Better enjoy flaunting that smirk while you can Andre, cause you'll be down in the dumps after May 6th. Just think, you could be an incumbent who is remembered as a very short-termed congressman because Dr. Meyers is going to get you, Andre.

I am inclined to think John Elrod can pull this on out of a hat Wilson, and we'll see how much you run your big mouth then!

Is Hippie Joe delusional or what?

It's too bad Tully didn't get to see Elrod's mailer before he wrote this morning's column.

At least Social Security and the war are germane to this race.

In this day and age, Elrod should have known that this piece would wind up widely distributed via the blogs. There's no such thing as "direct" mail these days.

I suggested this pro-life mailing to John Elrod's campaign to punish Wilson and Thomas for tampering with my posted content on Indiana Blue (Thomas), and for constant inane slander deposited by (Wilson) on a number of his silly posts.

The Democratic Party of Indiana is going to get a real lesson in campaigning from Hippie Joe before the year 2008 is over.

Elrod convinced me to change my vote with that mailing. Where is that moderate republican we have been told that he was....Andre, You picked 2 votes in this household and maybe more after I told to some coworkers and family members....that mailing was really really stupid for someone who says he is moderate. Besides, gay men dont have to worry about getting women pregnant.

I'm with Dumb Move on this one. Was thinking of staying home, but got the same mailer today and now plan to Vote for Andre. Looking at Dr. Dave in May, but will vote for Andre rather than let this stand.

"It was a targeted mailing I assume to pro-life hard R voters."

Ummm . . . maybe . . . but then why the hell did I get it? I'm a pro-choice hard D voter!

I admit, as hard D as I am, I was actually considering voting for Elrod (such is my distaste for Carson). After this, though, no way!

If Elrod has a chance at all, he is going to have to appeal to the moderates. I say this pretty much killed any hope for that. Could you think of a dumber move? Maybe he's not so very bright after all. . . . (And I admit--maybe I'm not so bright for ever thinking about voting for him. . . . )

I thought that maybe, just maybe, Jon Elrod was the better candidate this time.

OMG! Was I wrong! Only a wingnut would think this was an effective 21st Century political mailer!

With Democrats just winning the Special Election in Illinois to replace Denny Hastert, I'd guess that Jon Elrod is pretty UNHAPPY!

Jon Elrod is not GAY!

They troll the Internets hourly, Jen, Googling for their favorite wedge issues, and then they slam into a chatroom or blog, leave a pile of dung, and quickly disappear.

Baby puke is gonna be the least of your mommie worries one day. Enjoy it now. It's an emotional roller-coaster, well worth it, but...some days, ya just wanna throw in the towel. Which, of course, you can't and don't.

Then they do something smart. Or Cute. That abortion poster was someone's baby at one time.

Too bad (s)he got dropped on his/her head.

Okay, kids, 'fess up: Who let the crazytroll in?

I have a baby. She just spit up on my husband, in fact.

Go back to your cave, Psycho.

Well, 6:59 I'd agree and add that most Christians are joining on. It is a tough intellectual road to hoe for democrats to distinguish themselves from baby killers expecially Mr. Obama whose record is in favor of infanticide. That is, to be clear, killing already born infants. It is only the lack of nads that prevents that position from being in the Indiana Democrat Party Platform? I'd dismiss substantative arguments with Jesse Jackson Alliteration too, If I thought I could. But, no, Jen. You are with the baby killers by choice-a Democrat Party mis step they cannot square with their proud history.

I'm with Jen on this one. Jon shoulda left this one alone.

Sleeping dogs and all that.

That said, he's still better qualified.

It was a targeted mailing I assume to pro-life hard R voters.
It's moral issue that Jon should have left alone. Roe/Wade exists for a reason and Jon needs to respect that and offer solutions rather the standard lets' get the "baby killers".
I'm not at all impressed with his campaign manager, especially when needless junk like this gets sent even to the hard R's.
If Jon has a better idea than going back to coat hangers I'd cut him some slack.
Money spent on his mailer would buy a lot of birth control pills and condoms.

Ya missed my point, friend.

It wasn't that Elrod is pro-life. Lots of people are.

It's that he's been trying to portray himself as a social moderate all this time, yet he suddenly comes out with this piece trumpeting his stance on abortion, a longstanding WedgeWhack! issue used by the wingnuts to divide and conquer.

He's gotten nowhere with issues like Social Security and the war, so he decided to pull out a stock photo of a cute infant and use the ol' "Democrats are baby killers" routine.

In so doing, he pretty much shot his brand all to Hades.

There are quite a few pro-life Catholic Democrats who do not consider themselves "wingnuts"

and he wonders why people think he's gay...

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