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Guv's Race: Schellinger Hits The Air, Tells Hoosiers His Life Story

Television3 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jim Schellinger hit the airwaves today with a television ad explaining his background and his decision to run for Governor.

You can view the ad on Schellinger's website, or you can watch it on YouTube or in its embedded form below.


Nice ad. Short, to the point, gives people a decent overview of where he is coming from. One thing I did not like; unless I missed it, the word "Democrat" is not mentioned in the ad. If you are dealing with a candidate who suffers from low name i.d. ratings, it is not enough to just tell someone his name.

For those who thought it was "superficial" and "boring", maybe you will get to see some of Mitch's 30 minute "infomercials" this year. Me? I can live with this ad.

Nice lilly-white ad!! Where are the minorities? So much for a "big-tent" party. It looked like a NASCAR race. I've seen more black folks at a country music concert. (I've got a million of 'em folks)

she barely has the money to pay her staff let alone for time on tv
i hear emily's list is keeping her campaign solvent
early money is like yeast???
she's got an infection

What a moron... The Dems own version of David McIntosh.

Stevie, Jill has such a great personality she's lost what 4 elections, including the mid-term election for Congress in 2002 against a political neophyte (who had money). She has loser stamped in permanent ink on her forehead.

For the love of God, if we Dems put up JLT, Mitch would win by 20%.

This is a great bio ad. Shellinger is going to be a great Governor. He's a real Hoosier who has built a business, unlike our political crony current Governor who never created a job in his life.

"personality" is a nice way of putting it

It's exactly like Kernan's ad. Great.

Maybe, but I thought it was a well done ad, at least the one I saw this evening.

Booooooooooring. As Dems we've got to do better than this. At least Long has a personality.

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