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Part One: Schellinger Releases Jobs Plan, Focuses On Worker Training

Schellinger_jim2 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jim Schellinger released his economic development plan, the first in a series of such announcements, today at the Statehouse. (You can read the plan in its entirety here.) The Indianapolis Business Journal reports:

Democratic candidate for governor Jim Schellinger wants to base economic development on a bottom-up style that includes work-force training, small-business advancement and pushing green jobs and buildings.

Schellinger, president of CSO Architects in Indianapolis, is scheduled to unveil his plans at an early afternoon news conference at the Statehouse. IBJ obtained an advance copy of Schellinger's 13-page "Pick Up Indiana Jobs" plan.

Earlier this month, his primary election challenger, Jill Long Thompson, called for focusing economic development policy on broad issues that include tax incentives, reforming health care and education policy.

The Democratic nominee who wins the May 6 primary will face incumbent Mitch Daniels in the November general election.

Schellinger's approach contrasts with Daniels, a Republican who has concentrated on aggressive efforts to contact corporate leaders and attract their expansions.

Schellinger's plan notes that Indiana has lost 27,700 manufacturing jobs since Daniels took office. Unemployment filings have become the third-highest in the nation, and the state still suffers from high rates of personal bankruptcies and home foreclosures, he said.

He proposes increasing educational opportunities for the disadvantaged by adding $1 million in state funding for advanced manufacturing training through the Manufacturing Extension Partnership. He also would open unused space in state university, community college or technical classrooms for anyone receiving unemployment benefits and whose income is less than three times the federal poverty level.

Schellinger aims to address the shortage of nurses with a $1 million scholarship and student-loan-forgiveness fund. And he proposes spending up to $7 million more annually on state-administered adult education.

A new "Office of Small Business Advancement" would be staffed by professionals to help small-company owners find tax incentives, federal assistance and access to local business incubators. The office also would help create health care insurance pools that small businesses could join in order to lower their premiums.

Indiana's health care tax credit would be increased to $100 per employee to encourage employers to provide health coverage, the plan says. Companies would be eligible for up to $5,000 in credits.

Schellinger's third major emphasis is "green-collar" jobs.


Ohhh Good, the final nail in the coffin of a lameass gubernatorial campaign. Keep picking up the great talent Schelly, and keep rubbin that stupid penny in your pocket.

How about if we use the $1 million dollars to raise salaries for those in higher education who TEACH people to be nurses...then we can attract quality people to TEACH them, and we can build capacity in the programs and then more people can be nurses. Right now, there are plenty of people who want to be nurses but not enough people to teach them.

Mitch, will not win re-election period. I wish he would donate the millions he is going to spend on his campaign to Indiana. Why, does he not want to go into private life? He loves privatization! Simple saying=Privatize Mitch! (by the way I am a Republican) Jim, will be next Governor!

"It is the architect speaking, of course, to talk about green buildings and sustainability."

Laughable. The current trend in enclosed, big open atriums shows that many architects think image over sustainability.

lets analyze this. I like the space available idea- but isnt it called "auditing" a class?
what about all our veterans, who are under-employed, or treated the same as HS and college kids- I know a lot of skilled, motivated veterans- but they arent content to work mindless meaningless jobs
it seems the only thing employers value is: can you pass a hair follicle drug test. so what we do on our own time, in private- is an invasion of our personal lives. and all the hig govt officials, doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers- with money to blow on drugs- why arent they randomly drug tested. i detect a double standard here.
Next- a citizen graduates HS, college, and expects that the "social compact"- staying out of trouble, playing by the rules, jumping through the hoops- we expect that a college education pay college degree wages.
theres a lot of unhappy hoosiers- underemployed, under paid, over qualified, due to the dearth of jobs.
not to mention the slave mentality of employers- they act like they own us- if they'd treat give their workers an ownership stake- as a vital cog in the machine, productivity would skyrocket. Example- I may not have the capital to start up a business, but working for someone who already is in that same business- if i'm treated as an equal, its win-win( and pay me as such, not a slave)
GET THIS ONE THING THROUGH YOUR TINY MINDS- MANUFACTURING IS A DEAD INDUSTRY. NO ONE WILL WORK IN IT, BECAUSE THEY WILL LOSE THEIR JOBS- IT WILL CLOSE, AND GO OVERSEAS, ITS INEVITABLE. unless they pay a really lot of lot of money. money talks. I'll gladly take a chance on working at UAW wages and benefits, knowing its a gamble- as long as this gig plays out- and have a plan be ready, or bail out when i'm ready.
20 and out- thats history. global trade with china, india, russia- the reality is that is the future. anybody that tells you otherwise is blowing smoke up your.. well you get the picture.
want to start up a business? first- you need a million dollars, or access to it- a supervised line of credit- not borrowed- you'll be buried in debt, and implode before you start. govt regs. legal complexities. taxes.
suppose for example, i wanted to start up a "hot rod factory"- build hot rods, and sell them on e-bay, or at kruse/etc auctions. I dont have a house, nor garage. My job pays crap. no other jobs around. catcha-22. my take-home pay doesnt take me home, as they say. Yet- if i had access to capital- $1million- which i'm not going to disappear to brazil with- i want to create jobs for my gearhead nephews, and friends, building "toys", and having some fun doing work i enjoy. the wealthy, and many others will buy my hot-rods- theyre cheaper than even the smallest car out of detroit- simple to fix, and get great gas mileage.
so, heres the million dollar question, to the candidates- how will you revise the laws, and rules, so aspiring auto motive moguls, stuck in a dead end job at a minimum wage factory, retail, fast food, or wal-mats supposed to be able to buy a house, with a garage, and outfit it with whats needed for a back-yard garage shop- tools, equipment, lifts, air compressor, heater, lighting- plus the usual utilities, and such-

what will you do so we can get access to a million- and do something productive, that will create wealth for Indiana? (I used a hot rod factory as an example- every teen wants to build a car). it could be anybusiness. but you need the million dollars first. I'm sure as hell not going to risk my life savings - i need that for my retirement- meager though it likely will be-see comments about plethora of low paying mfg, and other service jobs.
we will be awaiting your replys- mitch, jim, jill-

Jim's plan is better than the continued tearing apart, selling off, and outsourcing that Mitch has done. If Mitch gets in more people will leave the state because they will have no choice, no jobs, no hope.

I'm sure Schellinger will have much more to say as time goes by. This simple plan impressed me as reasonable, moderate and goal-oriented. It makes a lot more sense than sending everyone a check. It is the architect speaking, of course, to talk about green buildings and sustainability. Let's applaud Jim for research and development of ideas and giving us some details.

I don't think this plan is half-baked, I don't think it ever made it's way into the oven to begin with.

Mitch will win. The Ds running for governor must be getting tips from Melina Kennedy. She did really well in her campaign when a rock could have ran and won in 2006.

I'm not quite as pessimistic about the plan as the other posters. But it is late in the campaign season, and it's not particualrly bold.

His campaign leadership style seems one-part Manpower Staffing and two parts hope.

JS is clearly bright. I think he'd make a fine governor. I think Jill would be a tad better, by only a hair.

But neither has run a decent campaign, and that's worrisome. Because the Daniels Motorhome Aw-Shucks Part II will begin in earnest soon. I'll be glad to provide Granny-Rides-Shotgun updates if you need a field reporter.

Get ready. Mitch in jeans and a ballcap. Which he wears all the time, right?

Well in this household our vote is for Schellinger. Its time to Ditch Mitch. Mitch has lost all state employees votes along with a lot of others. Lets just hope we can turn the state around. It sickens me to see the way Daniels is corrupted the state. Big business mitch needs to fall...

His stellar leadership of his campaign bodes well for his skills as governor...

Yeah, Mitch's IEDC has everything but the kitchen sink in their "Plan" but they ain't coming even close to executing. Bunch of do-nothings who don't know what they are doing!

gosh, but there is really nothing of any significance here -- the state (and its higher education system) have already been moving to increase faculty and build capacity in the nursing profession. With respect to the advanced manufacturing, the state has poured more than $1.0 million in training funds into the Columbus/Greensburg region alone because of the Honda and Cummins plants.....with respect to the loss of manufacturing jobs, there were about 50,000 manufacturing jobs that were lost from about 2000 to 2005 so this means that Daniels has halved the job loss -- and this ignores all of the productivity gains, which are at the heart of these job losses. Sorry, but this is really nothing to get excited about.

"I have been thinking about going into Nursing. So now I will be able to max out my student loans and the debt will be forgiven?"

That's more or less always been true for nursing; there are qualifiers, but there are forgiveness plans in place for federal student loans for nurses.

What a joke. No one cares about the candidates running for Governor when the presidential race is so tight. Jim and Jill were both stupid and should have been airing commercials and trying to get press before now. They are lost in the shuffle which means that Mitch will win again.

"Schellinger aims to address the shortage of nurses with a $1 million scholarship and student-loan-forgiveness fund."

I have been thinking about going into Nursing. So now I will be able to max out my student loans and the debt will be forgiven?

This is a strong plan for Indiana. I hope it shuts up all the people who have been talking like Jim does not stand for anything. He obviously put a lot of thought into this and did not just come up with something half baked.

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