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Primary Colors: Thompson Talks Ethics, Takes A Swipe At Schellinger

Gavel Since so many of you seem to want to talk about Jill Long Thompson's ethics proposal, here's the Associated Press story about her press conference today:

Democratic candidate for governor Jill Long Thompson announced a series of proposals Wednesday that she said would make the state's campaign finance and ethics laws and regulations more transparent.

They include banning companies and their executives who do business with state or local government from donating to state political campaigns while they are under contract and for two years after their work is completed. Owners of riverboat casinos in Indiana are currently banned from making such donations.

Limited liability companies could donate no more than $5,000 to a state campaign per year, the same limit placed on corporations. They also would have to disclose the sources of their funding.

She also said if elected she would voluntarily submit all agency appointees to the Indiana Senate for confirmation, and seek to have such a requirement put in state law. They also would have to disclose publicly their financial investments and holdings.

The former Indiana congresswoman faces Jim Schellinger, president of an Indianapolis architecture firm, in the May 6 Democratic primary. Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels is unopposed for his party's nomination for re-election.

Long Thompson said while she did not believe state government was corrupt, "I think it's important to have full disclosure and uphold the highest ethics in government."

Candace Martin, Schellinger's campaign press secretary, said Schellinger was very committed to ethics and government reform.

"He believes we seriously need to look at positive ways to reform state and local government," Martin said.

Asked at the event about Schellinger's new campaign ad, Thompson couldn't resist taking a swipe at her Democratic challenger. Jim Shella reports on his blog:

Jill Long Thompson told a Statehouse news conference today that she will have statewide television ads on the air "soon."

When asked to comment on ads by her opponent in the Democratic gubernatorial nomination battle, Jim Schellinger, she first said that she doesn't comment on ads by others and then commented.

"I'm reminded of the Seinfeld episode," she said.  "Its all about nothing."

You can view the biographical ad in question here.


you can say that again
she is no looker

The problem with JLT is that the more people see of her, the less they will want to support her. She is scary!

Jill Thompson needs to get out there so everyone will know she is actually running for office. She needs to concentrate on eliminating the current Governor, that's what the problem is.

full disclosure... ethics.
"how can i be out of money - still have checks left"-congresswoman/PHD jill long after bouncing 100 checks in 1994 house bank scandal . giggle!
how exactly will schellinger be any different than MMM? jimmy bob's gaming the election laws,(another architect?) schellinger is "mitch lite"- less taste, less filling.

she needs them
no one knows who she is outside her old district
jim has been traveling the state meeting with dems
he has also got support from judy obannon which will be important in southern indiana

Again with the sniping.

I'm sure Thompson will start airing some ads soon.

but you agree with me that he is incrasing his name id while she is doing nothing to increase hers right?

If he said the word "Democrat" in the ad, it might help increase his name ID with Democratic Primary voters.

her lead is name id
jim is increasing his name id by being on the air
if she does not buy ads soon she will be lost when clinton and obama start buying ads

When you are up by 30 points, do you really need tv ads?

funny won't buy her television ads to match jim's
she's so bitter but it's not his fault she is washed up and can not raise money

Swipe? Yes.
Funny? Absolutely.

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