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Be still my beating heart....

Yours truly just returned from Bill Clinton's appearance at Perry Meridian Middle School.  It was a great event, and helps confirm why I am on Hillary's bandwagon.  I am not ancient, but I am old enough to remember how great our economy was under Bill.  When Hillary makes promises of a better America and a better economy, I believe her because they've (Bill & Hillary) done it before.   In all fairness, I will say that I have yet to hear Obama speak, so I can't compare and contrast the two, I just know that I have always been a Clinton fan and will continue to do so. 

Regardless of your political views, Bill made a joke that cracked me up and I wanted to share it with all of you.  I paraphrase, but I think I capture the essence of the joke:

"By any account this is a historic year.  If Hillary wins it will be historic because she will be the first woman President.  If Obama wins, it will be historic because he will be the first black President.  If McCain wins, it will be a historic year because McCain is...well....Historic."

I couldn't have said it better myself.

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Five million people in this country suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease. During the next administration, the number will skyrocket due to the aging baby boomer population.

We need to ask our candidates what they’re going to do about it before it bankrupts Medicare and Medicaid. Indiana voters must ask that question now.


if you loved the past 8 years of "W"1 and 2; You'll love McCain- bush term #3- 1000 yr Reich in Iraq.
and we all knwo what happened at the end of the previous "Reich"
heres our economy, after another 8 years of republican dictatorship( which of our bill of rights remains?)

Judy O'Bannon wore a BLUE DRESS yesterday when Slick Willie interloped into Corydon. Did you see the pic of him standing behind her with a lustful smirk on his puss? Looked like Mr. Bob Onmyknob wanted to jump the old biddy doggy style.

Lance: The VP is the only person who assumes the duties of the President should he not be able to, but many people can and do stand in for the president. The President can't be everywhere at once, so surrogates often go in his place. During his Presidency, Hillary very often stood in for him at important functions, and even carried parts of his legislative agenda. I can't remember any other recent first lady who has appeared before Congress to push sections of the President's legislation, specifically in this case the healthcare proposal.

"So by that logic, your wife must be qualified to come into your place of work and do your job, but because she has the good fortune of being married to you."

If my wife went to work with me every day, stood in for me while doing the work of the country, and helped me to run the business of the company, then yes, she would be very capable of taking over my office for me."

Yeah, probably. Too bad Hill didn't do any of that stuff when Bill was Prez. Just for the record, the only person who ever stands in for the POTUS is the VP, not the First Lady.

A president shouldn't get full credit when the economy is good nor should he take the complete fall when the economy goes south.

That's the "key", IF she went to work with you. HRC was out kissing babies and ducking snipers.

"So by that logic, your wife must be qualified to come into your place of work and do your job, but because she has the good fortune of being married to you."

If my wife went to work with me every day, stood in for me while doing the work of the country, and helped me to run the business of the company, then yes, she would be very capable of taking over my office for me.

When I think of Clinton I think of a strong economy, balanced budgets, and budget surpluses.

I wouldn't care if the Clinton's held S&M parties in the White House every night as long as they got our economy back to where it was when Bill was in office.

Yikes. When I think of the Clintons I think of words like impeachment, and whoredom.

"I see the new Survey USA poll says Clinton 55, Obama 39, for Indiana. What???? I thought Hoosiers were smarter than that."

Only the mentally lame would consider either of these two for President. Smart? No way!

flipper, tsk, tsk, tsk. You know better than that.

One of my daughters was there right down in front. She said he wasn't giving anybody anything but the "on message" speechifying.

I'm beginning to think that the local media is getting overwhelmed by all this candidate attention to Indiana. Forty years absence seems to have gotten them out of practice in covering multiple events by multiple candidates/surrogates.

Did Slick Willy try to pick up any of the young ladies at Perry Meridian School?

"How about being the spouse of the guy who created the longest single expansion of our economy in HISTORY."

So by that logic, your wife must be qualified to come into your place of work and do your job, but because she has the good fortune of being married to you.

What a dumb platitude.

I see the new Survey USA poll says Clinton 55, Obama 39, for Indiana. What???? I thought Hoosiers were smarter than that. I hope we don't see the triumph of traditional negative, divisive politics here in Indiana. Now just think to the fall. Can you imagine ads for John McCain, juxtaposing McCain as military war hero, next to Clinton claiming there was sniper fire in Bosnia? There is plenty of TV footage to work with and it will be toxic to Democrats in the fall. Not to mention that Hillary has a ceiling on her support nationwide that she will never be able to climb above due to her strong negatives. Wake up Indiana, before it is too late.

Gosh, I hope hope PiginZen is reading over here as well as at Masson's Blog.

Some of the comments here represent historical "revisionism", that is attempting to revise history to "fit" one's own preconcpetions over reality. Now, where are my hip waders? It's getting pretty deep here.

9:38: it's never wise to call someone else's beliefs "stupid." The Clintons' 2-for-1 legacy is tarnished, at best, and not worthy of another shot. But don't call my belief, or anyone else's, "stupid." If you want to link their lives, be my guest. How's Bill's 2008 campaign style workin for ya so far? Ain't he great on the trail? Watch out for the finger point.

11:03--the point you seemed to have missed with the earlier post, is that corporations did not donate to a politician. That is illegal on the federal level. Corporations and worldwide despots donated to Bill's checking account/library and he cashed the checks. With wild abandon.

Admittedly, he cashed in partly to pay legal bills. Which were made necessary in large part because he lied to federal prosecutors over an Oval BJ.

The bizarre income stream of the post-presidency Clintons is nothing short of whorish. And if the good senator from New York wants to lend money to her presidential campaign, the source of that cash is altogether fair game. Sen. Obama could not afford to personally lend that kind of cash. It would tap his entire net worth and then some. Draw your own conclusions.

If Republicans were doing this we'd call them sleezy. And we'd be right.

Again, I'd prefer to focus on Hillary, not Bill. His administration gave us a mixed bag of a great economy and schtooping White House interns in the Oval. He's a total package...good with awful. Her legacy from that administration is simple: loving and forgiving wife. Which is her right.

Others might call it enabling a hopelessly addictive personality.

Hillary shopped around for a Senate seat like you or I would buy a car--more whorish behavior. But I am impressed with her legislative record, and the people of New York (speaking of "elite") seem to be OK with it. It wouldn't have worked here, or in very many places. But it seems to work for her.

Her Bosnian flight of fancy, her campaign loans, her ridiculous pouncing on Obama last weekend: it's all enough for me to say: drive a stake in her heart politically, or whatever it takes. This ongoing drama is over the top and pitiful.

And now her campaign has quickly crafted TV ads pouncing on Obama even more. She's shameless. Annie Oakley indeed.

Hillary truly is New York's Desparate Housewife-turned-senator.

It's not attractive. And she won't win. It's just that simple.

Hillary Clinton? How do you explain her possibly delusional description about her flight into Bosnia? She jumped the shark for me at that point. Either she was deliberately lying and thinking she wouldn't get caught (sound familiar?) or she's got some serious problem -- how can you imagine being shot at? Come on.

10:28 Corporations donate money to politicians? NO! Don't think for a second that McCain or Obama are immune to it either, it just doesn't happen.

Why didn't Bill Clinton use this time to name the donors to his library or the foreign governments or corporations that paid him speaking or consulting fees?

The fact that Bill did X, Y, or Z is not a reason to vote for HIllary. Leadership is not gained through osmosis.

Moreover, the fact that he did X, Y, or Z in the 90's is not a reason to vote for her now, in 2008. Not after 9/11, not after the Iraq war (which she helped to enable). Moreover, there is no reason to believe that X, Y, or Z could simply be replicated under vastly different circumstances.

The fact is that Obama offers us the prospect of a truly transformational presidency, the likes of which will not be seen again for some time. Though I respect Hillary, I don't believe that she comes close to anything resembling "transformational".

You are mistaken if you think that anyone (okay, there are a few, but more than just those few) are supporting Hillary because she is Bill's wife. Would Jackie O, Mrs. Carter, or any other Democrat President's wife win by being married to the man? No. She can win because she very much pursued her own path, her own career, and her own achievements. She has her own record in Congress and her own record of their time in the White House. People try to cloud that by making others believe that Bill's blowjob was the only thing to happen while they were there and they forgot about the unprecedented (and unrepeated since) economic growth that took place with him in office. Bush Jr. was as big of an embarassment as his father, and Hillary will be every bit the success of her husband. You can't separate Bill & Hillary, it's impossible and it's stupid. You can't think that Bill won't take an active role in her White House, just the way she did in his. I fully believe that we had a joint presidency from 1992 to 2000, and I fully believe we'll have one again. It's just nice that Bill & Hillary have both proven successful on their own, and even more successful together.

And that's why I support Hillary Clinton.

7:37, are you sure you wanna stick with that lame answer?

I'm not supporting Hillary unless she wins the nomination, but I've followed her outstanding legislative career. It really is remarkable, and you could pick from multiple legislative achievements. I sometimes wihs our junior senator's legislative record were half as remarkable.

Instead, you seem to lock in on the reason most Clinton supporters cite: she's Bill's wife. Marriage is not a reason to vote for someone.

I think she'd make a better president asleep than McCain awake (someone please tell me how to determine if McCain's asleep OR awake).

But her ridiculous pouncing on any Obama mistake is not helpful. Frankly, it's nonsense. It's playing into the GOP's hands.

And she looked pretty stupid trying to be something she's not: a barfly, drinking Boilermakers.

She needs to get away from the Obama slams and the fake photo ops, and get back to what she's good at: legislating. Tell America about your record, Hillary. Stop listening to Penn--he's a hateful asshole.

And you're digging yourself a hole from which you'll never escape--regardless what happens this fall.

remind me again...What exactly did Bill Clinton (let alone his wife) do to help the economy?

Laura Bush and Cheri Daniels may be content in being nothing more than a pretty face to remind voters that their husband is a family man, but Hillary actually did something with her role as first lady and used it to involve herself in everything going on in our country and our government. She was by all accounts a co-president to Bill, and the economic policies that gave our country unprecedented growth were a product of both their experience, knowledge, and skill. She has continued that leadership in the US Senate. She's going to be able to bring us right back to the prosperity experienced under Bill, and if for no other reason than she gets to sleep next to the one of our greatest presidents every night.

How about being the spouse of the guy who created the longest single expansion of our economy in HISTORY.

Anything else?

Name one thing that Hillary did to help the economy in the 90s.

What, no pictures? You tease!

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