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Dastardly Double-Dipping: Will Republican cross-over voting matter in May?

Matt Tully takes a look at the oft-maligned-but-rarely-felt issue of cross-over voting, and what effect it may have on the upcoming primary vote.

Hamilton County Democratic Party Chairman Keith Clock said the question comes up often in his solidly Republican county. Many Democrats and independents typically vote in the Republican primary there, he said, because that's often the decisive election. With few competitive Democratic candidates, he said, the GOP primary winner usually wins the general election.

Clock tells nervous voters, "This is an open primary. You don't register (as a member of one party or the other)." He tells them to show up and vote.

Still, you've probably seen stories about Democratic leaders who fear devious Republicans will play games by infiltrating the Democratic primary. And you might have heard that voters could be challenged if a Democratic precinct official suspects shenanigans.

That's all true.

But Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker said his warnings to Republicans have been exaggerated. The only people who should be worried, he said, are Republicans "trying to mess with the rest of our ticket." Honest Hoosiers intending to support a Democrat for president this year should be fine.

My guess? More Republicans will cross-over to vote in the Democratic presidential race because they are genuinely interested in two compelling candidates than will because Rush Limbaugh told them it was a good idea.

Posted by: Thomas


I know Republicans crossing over to vote Hillary, Jill Long and David O. Fun times.

I usually do not vote for Republicans since I live in Hamilton Co. and there are enough other people to vote for them, but I plan to vote for McGoff just to get Dan out of office. He has been an embarassment for way too long. I am amazed at the number of signs I am seeing around here for him. Clueless.... The only thing I have against McGoff is the generic mailer we received at our house addressed to "Republican Friend..." a little presumptious on his part.

Democrats have been doing this for years all over the country, but GOD forbid the Republicans follow suit.

Yes, I think Obama wins the nomination. But the KEY is INDIANA this time. He'll lose PA by 4-8 pts and win NC by around 12-15. That means IN has the chance to either put her away or make this go longer.

Even more reason to drive out the vote for Barack.

Obama is going to win the nomination anyway,

Rush will take the credit though. How about the Dems crossing over and voting for McGoff to give old Danny boy his walking papers? From the looks of the Democrat candidates for the 5th, McGoff is our only hope.

mitch would love to run against JLT
he could beat her by twenty or thirty points just by going to her congressional record and pointing out that she voted against social security and medicare
i do not think that republicans will cross over in large numbers though

Chairman Parker opens an interesting can of worms: if some Republicans are devious enough to vote for Hillary to ensure that the weaker candidate (in their eyes, her) wins the primary, what is to stop them from doing that in the gubernatorial race? If they see Jill Long Thompson as the weaker candidate (in my eyes, yes) what is to stop them from voting for her as well?

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