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Hard-hitting Media: Star Press on the Muncie GOP attack

Want to know a sure-fire way to get on an editorial board's bad side? Try physically attacking one of their reporters.

The Star Press wasn't amused:

Yes, Will Statom was back on the job Thursday morning in the voter registration office after tackling Nick Werner from behind, knocking him down and choking him in front of witnesses. This came after a verbal exchange in which Werner told Statom to shut up after Statom made an unprovoked derogatory comment to the reporter.

Statom accused the newspaper of promoting what he called an illegal meeting of the Delaware County Election Board and justified his behavior by saying, "When you promote illegal activities, there's ramifications."

By Statom's reasoning, it's OK to beat someone up (and an innocent bystander as well) to make a point. How juvenile.

Do we really need to say that violence that was unacceptable on the elementary playground and it still not acceptable when you are 56 years old?

In what other job can you assault someone in the middle of your workplace, be hauled off by the police, generate countless negative media reports, and not have to worry about facing repercussions? I guess working for the Republican Party does have its perks.

Posted by: Thomas


I still think he should be fired. Let him be an example. Of course, his being a bully is not much different than W or Mitch...

Beth -

I completely agree with you on that point. Frankly, I don't think "juvenile" is strong enough a word.


Okay I've read the rest of the story and understand the reasons he wasn't fired... it still doesn't condone Statom's actions. Juvenile is the proper "verdict."

I think, if you read the rest of the story, you'll see why they didn't yet fire him. I think that might be what 10:37 was getting at.


10:37, what else is there to read? Did Statom not hit the reporter or Barry Welsh? Was the whole thing revealed as a hoax in the second half of the story? Statom is toast. Plain and simple.

Yeah Mitch's fault that they pulled out...right.

I see how you cut off the rest of the story and hope noone goes to the link to read it. How juvenile of YOU.

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