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Hillary clings to narrow lead, and Obamamania hits the Fort

I unfortunately didn't make it over here last night to post the latest WISH-TV poll of the presidential primary race in Indiana, and apparently neither did any of the other contributers. While a SurveyUSA release from Tuesday showed the Clinton camp with a cautiously optimistic 9-point advantage, yesterday brought word that the race may be much, much closer:

    Research 2000
    400 Likely Voters -- MoE 5%


    49% -- Hillary Clinton
    46% -- Barack Obama
    5% -- Undecided

Both camps claim that the other was the favorite going in, but there can be no doubt that Obama's people were probably smiling a bit more convincingly after the raw numbers hit the street.

Elsewhere today, Sen. Obama will be in Fort Wayne for an event that sold out in record time:

You heard it here first on Indiana's NewsCenter, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama will speak at Wayne High School at 11 this morning. Doors open at nine.

But you need a ticket to get in... and they're all gone now.

Only about 2,000 of them were available, mostly on-line.

Sen. Obama is expected to speak on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the townhall-style event, calling "on Americans to complete the work that King began."

And for you Muncie folks, no worries -- Obama is supposedly aiming to be back in your neck of the woods next week.

Posted by: Thomas


I am very disappointed in the State Democratic Party, as well as the Marion County version. The obvious divisive stance they have bought into in respect to supporting Clinton and Carson is very, very disappointing. Be a free thinker! I am supporting Obama and Myers for the 7th... So there!!

Maybe her lead isn't so narrow... (click on my name for cross-tabs)

Clinton: 53
Obama: 44

One more poll for trend lines.

"I meant 95% of the Indiana Democratic Party structure and administration."

I knew what you meant, but I still disagree with your assessment; the party is a lot bigger then just the folks at the state party.

I meant 95% of the Indiana Democratic Party structure and administration. Not necessarily the base.

"The minute it looked like Evan Bayh was on her VP short list 95% of the Democratic Party in Indiana lined up behind Hillary."

You put the decimal in the wrong spot, it's more like 9.5% of the Democratic party; granted it's the 9.5% that gets 99% of the TV time. But don't kid yourself, nobody's lining up behind them just because they say so, people will make up their own minds.

I was at Ft. Wayne. It was spectacular. I think he may have a chance in Indiana. Many of us are very disappointed that Sen. Bayh is backing Clinton. Why get involved in her divisive politics?

The recent Survey USA poll, if examined closely, evidently included Republicans. That surely skewed the results. This, most recent, poll was taken of only Democratic primary voters; those one can reasonably expect will turn out to vote this year. However, the Obama team is working hard to register large numbers of new voters, ones who do not reflect in a poll like this. That will also skew the results.

Don't believe the hype. The Clinton campaign is as bad about poormouthing their chances in any given race as Lou Holtz was at Notre Dame. ("Gee, I'm not sure we'll beat Lower Tuscaloosa A&T this week") The minute it looked like Evan Bayh was on her VP short list 95% of the Democratic Party in Indiana lined up behind Hillary. As soon as that happened Obama was behind the eight ball here. The fact that he is this close is testimony to his power, charisma and appeal to a wide range of voters. And the thing is this: his organizers just hit the state. They have not yet begun to fight.

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