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If On A Winter's Night A Former Blogmistress

Aprilfools TDW here. The real deal, yo.

It would appear that there's been some confusion today about the nature of this site now that I'm not in charge. Growing pains, if you will. Allow me to clarify a few points that I hope will make the transition a little easier.

If you are guest-posting here, you need to sign your posts. This was never an issue when I was the only author, but it's an issue now. Even if you use a nom de plume, we're gonna need some consistency, folks.

This site has always been dedicated to Statehouse and other Indiana politics, with the occasional smattering of random stuff I found personally entertaining.

The people who were invited to post here were invited because I thought they understood that my intent was to keep the site focused on those issues. We leave the Democrat-bashing to Republicans, and we try to foster meaningful debate at least 42 percent of the time.

We cool? Cool.

Carry on, then.


This is why I'll really miss our TDW emeritus. I mean, how many bloggers can slip from pop culture references to Italo Calvino? If On a Winter's Night a Traveler is awesome. So is Jen.

Breaking News - Lee Hamilton endorses Obama

Dear new TDW's. Change the password on Typepad. Seriously.

I hear ya.

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