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Joe Kernan endorses Jim Schellinger

News out of South Bend, where former Governor Joe Kernan announced his support of gubernatorial candidate Jim Schellinger's bid for the Democratic nomination.

Schellinger, an Indianapolis architect making his first run for political office, is running in the May 6 primary election against former U.S. Rep. Jill Long Thompson.

Kernan endorsed Schellinger today in South Bend, along with South Bend Mayor Steve Luecke.

Kernan said Schellinger is a long-time friend who "will make a great governor."

WSBT had this news report earlier today:


kind of like JLT's campaign...

Agh!!! WHO POSTED THIS?! This blog is going down the tubes...

Hey, I was just quoting one of the Democratic posters on the blog. Don't shoot the messenger. Yeah, I am Republican, and yeah, I don't like neocons (fascists) and the party has been hijacked by these guys, but don't blame me for recognizing facts when I see them.

Unlike the Republican party which is known for its amazing political insight.

The Democrat party has always been petty and superficial.

Sometimes a Party backs a candidate early because it fears the prospect of being forced to back a weaker candidate in the fall. That is part of the reason why the state Party got behind Jim Schellinger early. Another reason is the strength of Mitch Daniels. Although Daniels has a talent for pissing people off, he will still be a formidable opponent in the fall. To knock someone like that out in November it will take a candidate with the backing of the Party and it's base, a strong war chest and time. JLT, to be fair, honestly believes she is the better candidate. Some share her view. But they are in the minority and they running out of time to make their case. One last reason why the Party backed Schellinger? Although he "made his bones" by helping raise money for the Party in the past and he was willing to take the plunge, he has a great story. He has a great ability to connect to and relate to both the CEO and the blue collar worker. He is honest and genuine and he will make our Party proud to back him this fall.

I'm not sure which is greater: the lack of subtlety in that comment, or the lack of being even remotely germane to the discussion at hand.

PASTOR JEFFREY JOHNSON from EASTERN STAR CHURCH has also made the endorsement of Carolene MAYS FOR CONGRESS!

MAYS IS LIKED BY VOTERS from all major voting groups. As a black woman, you expect Mays to have strong support in both blacks and women, and she does have STRONG SUPPORT in both groups.

Carolene Mays also has STRONGER SUPPORT among white voters than the most well known white candidate.


Visit Carolene Mays For Congress website for more information at: www.MaysForCongress.com

Schellinger, Shella, shell macaroni. It don't matter. Governor Daniels will win another term in November as President McCain captures Indiana by a wide margin. Kernan is a legend in his own mind with an ego that's more expansive than his eyebrows.

What's up with all the boring endorsement posts? This blog has truned to crap now that Jen has left. Bring Jen back and rescue TDW from amateur hour.

I think it's fine that we all beat up on the opposition and campaign for our chosen candidate, that makes it worthwhile. However, once the nomination is decided, we need to all shut up, put our differences aside and get the Democrat elected.

Republicans think that Dems are going to beat themselves up so much over the primary that it's going to be a party divided. Let's show them it's not the case and that we will still crush Mitch in the fall.

The party should be forming around ideas, common goals, dreams and paths to get there. It should not be forming around candidates - that is called a campaign, not a party. One of the reasons the Democratic party is not stronger in Indiana is because its adherents confuse the party's candidate with the party itself - which means that every few years we must rebirth, rather than pick up the flag and press on.

"Look around, a new democratic party is forming..."

Mmmmm...Nothing says "new democratic party" like politicians from the 1990s. No wonder Obama is energizing the youth vote!

I'm not discounting the idea that Jill Long Thompson as a candidate has some things to offer, but let's not kid ourselves by pretending that she is some kind of fresh face.

But yes, let's try to keep it somewhat civil.

The woman who puts herself out there as a congressional policy wonk screwed up her gas tax press conf yesterday. If there is a party forming around her I cannot imagine why! What will she run for next?

I think its pretty clear where the democratic blogosphere stands on this race. However, I think many mainstream Hoosiers support Jill and her values. Do we need another CEO governor after 4 years of Mitch Daniels and 8 years of our "MBA president?" Why don't we elect someone whose area of expertise is government to run our state? Is it because she doesn't look good in a sweater or evoke images of Bayh or O'Bannon? Look around, a new democratic party is forming and it's not CEO-type high school football champs that are the most exciting figures in the party. I'm not saying that Schellinger is a bad person or candidate. I do believe, however, that he does not provide the alternative to the Daniels leadership that Rep. Long Thompson provides.

And please, could we keep it a little cordial on these blogs. This primary should be an ongoing discussion about who is best fit to lead our state. Inflammatory posts about "heifers" and "skanks" are frankly and embarrassment and make our party and makes us look petty and superficial.

And I bet there are several members for the Senate Ds that would like Vi to be running, it'd get her the hell out of the caucus, my friends tell me things have been pretty icy over there since she lost in her attempt to take over in 06.

The Republicans are DESPARATE to have Jill win because they know they can beat her. If Jim wins the primary then it's game over for Mitch, they don't have a negative record to run against him.

Go Joe! Go Jim!

jill has been a political loser in 3 different decades...i don't think it will work thomas

Vi is a nice woman. I have met her several times. She did not have what it took in 2004 and Jill does not have it this year. Sorry but I want to beat Mitch so I'm for Jim.

JLT did put out a press release today attacking Schellinger for actively "lobbying to raise property taxes."

Pretty weak, if you ask me. Plus, the politics-as-usual thing may not play well with an electorate fed up with congressional-style smear campaigns. Especially with Jim's message of bringing the state together and moving away from Mitch Daniels' divisiveness.

Of course, maybe it will stick. Who knows...

6:37, I bet there are several thousand Hoosier Dems who wish Vi Simpson was on the ticket this year, excluding of course our friends in the UAW....

Again, we have the Taj Mahal misguided post? What school board or community council member approved the school design?

Move on skank!

because hoosiers are looking for a washed up lifelong politician who can't do math but can only attack her opponent with baseless accusations about the company he helped build that offers good jobs to talented indiana workers???? yes jill... attack! attack!! that had to be a joke 6:44, that or you are really out of touch with the people in this state...

It is time for Jill to attack Schellinger on the property tax issue. The whole "wait till next year" was nothing more than the public school industrial complex, which he is part of, hoping Mitch would be gone so there would be no property tax caps. Schellinger was trying to protect his paycheck and others.

Jill, attack Jim for building costly Taj Mahal schools.

All that Jeff Harris has for experience is planning press conferences that no one attends and supporting candidates that no one else can stand (see: Vi Simpson, Jill Long Thompson)

Lets pop the bubbly! Is Jill going to do anything other than press conferences that not many are attending? She has some good ideas for our state but as each day she doesn't get those ideas and/or plans out to the general public she loses her ground. Not that many voters read the paper. They may watch the news but she needs to do commercial spots and start doing mailings. We are a little over a month now and they need to get a move on. Keep it clean. Let the Repubs throw dirt later. Primaries are healthy for the parties but only if they're clean.

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