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Manic Monday: Bill Clinton in town, David O unveils ads, and Jim Schellinger on education

Talk about a busy day, at least in Indianapolis. Congressional candidate David Orentlicher is set to roll out his first television ads of the season this afternoon, as well as tout some yet-to-be-named endorsements. Gubernatorial hopeful Jim Schellinger has scheduled an afternoon presser to discuss the third portion of his Pick Up Indiana plan, this time dealing with education reform.

Oh, and former President Bill Clinton just happens to be here too:

Former President Bill Clinton will bring his "Solutions for America" tour in support of his wife's presidential campaign to Perry Meridian Middle School today.

The rally at 202 W. Meridian School Road is scheduled for 3:45 to 6:45 p.m.

The former president also will campaign for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton today in Corydon and Decatur, "to share with Hoosiers Hillary's plans to jump-start the economy, create jobs and rebuild the middle class," a news release said.

The first event is at noon at Corydon Central Junior High Gymnasium. After the Indianapolis appearance, Clinton is scheduled to speak at 7:30 p.m. at Belmont Middle School in Decatur.

I'll have more on all of these as the day goes on.

Posted by: Thomas


"You know abc, Ken Ley and ENRON got to operate with impunity because their oversight was corrupted (nonexistent). Now, imagine every CEO and corporation operating in the Ken Ley “vacuum of deregulation”."

This is what happens when you have a president that lies and thinks it is OK. All this stuff started under Bill Clinton. If it is OK for the president to lie to the people, then surely it is OK for a business CEO to lie to shareholders!!

I've got to tell you. In my little hispanic circle of friends we still support Dr. Myers. One of us was treated by him when he was working in the Emergency Room at the county hospital. He actually told us how sorry he was that we had to wait so long and that he hoped someday he could do something about it. Well, that was a long time ago. We remember; and, we support him. We did however agree that David O. had a nice ad.

Even if household income has grown, it's worth noting that an increasing number of households are now two-earner households. So income should naturally go up. It's also worth noting that nondiscretionary spending has also risen - households today have, on average, about half as much discretionary income as they did 20 years ago. Although gross income has increased, the costs of daycare, healthcare, and housing have overtaken those gains.

Chris, that's just not right. True, Enron was corrupt and they paid the price for it...they went out of business. Same with Arthur Anderson. They were one of the "Big 6" accounting firms, until their accounting practices were exposed and they too went out of business.

That's the business cycle. If a company screws with its customers and cheats its investors, they'll go out of business, it's as simple as that. The problem occurs when too many regulations are put on an industry making it extremely difficult for new players to enter the market. That's when you have the mess that we currently have with Health Insurance. In tandem with that, things get worse when you through other government mandates on top of regulations.

You said that "Free Markets are nonexistent and have been since corporations have figured out how to manipulate the market." First of all, a "corporation" is simply a government fiat. The company applies to the government for the right incorporate, at which time, the government protects that entity from certain liabilities (see Chapter 11 Bankruptcy). In a free market, no company can 'manipulate the market' for long. When that company begins to do shady things that are bad for the consumer (Arthur Anderson, Enron) they are punished in the marketplace, just like AA and Enron were.

In truth, the only type of lasting monopoly is a government-created one. In a free market, a monopoly will fall when a new competitor rises up and offers better products or better prices. In a government-created monopoly (your local cable company, your Power company, etc) the government has made it ILLEGAL for any other company to compete. Usually this is done as a part of a sweetheart deal and it will ALWAYS lead to higher prices and lower service. When was the last time you tried to call the power company to get good customer service?

You know abc, Ken Ley and ENRON got to operate with impunity because their oversight was corrupted (nonexistent). Now, imagine every CEO and corporation operating in the Ken Ley “vacuum of deregulation”.

Free Markets are nonexistent and have been since corporations have figured out how to manipulate the market.

BETTER and SMARTER regulation of the market is what is needed

Your "current" data is 5 years old. A lot has changed in that length of time - definitely in my own household, and from what I read, on a much larger scale. I lost a very good paying job back in 2004, and now make half of what I used to make, with the future of my current job in jeopardy. My family has encountered major illnesses, and we are still digging out from that as well. I feel us slipping to the lower end of the scale, and feel like there is no way out at present. I HAVE to believe that there will be some change in the future or I would be one very bitter and depressed individual.

Lock up your daughters. Bill's in town!!!!!

encat = enact...my bad

Chris, if you think any economic policy that Hillary or Barack will encat (or McCain, for that matter) will actually help the economy, you're delusional. Getting us out of Iraq and reducing the enormous restrictions on businesses here in the US are the first steps towards economic growth. Minimum wages, wage ceilings, mandated health coverages and the like only hamper economic growth by putting more stress on companies, resulting in lower wages for current employees, higher prices of their products, or higher unemployment. I'm with democrats on most social issues, but you guys don't have a clue when it comes to economic issues.

Question for abc: what kind of drugs can one take to make you that delusional?

I wonder if Bill and Hillary know that the reason the middle class is "disappearing" is because they are moving from the middle class to the upper class, not because they're dropping to the lower class.

"What about claims of a disappearing middle class? Let's do some detective work. Controlling for inflation, in 1967, 8 percent of households had an annual income of $75,000 and up; in 2003, more than 26 percent did. In 1967, 17 percent of households had a $50,000 to $75,000 income; in 2003, it was 18 percent. In 1967, 22 percent of households were in the $35,000 to $50,000 income group; by 2003, it had fallen to 15 percent. During the same period, the $15,000 to $35,000 category fell from 31 percent to 25 percent, and the under $15,000 category fell from 21 percent to 16 percent. The only reasonable conclusion from this evidence is that if the middle class is disappearing, it's doing so by swelling the ranks of the upper classes." - Walter Williams

It was scheduled at his campaign HQ, but it is my understanding that they may be scrapping the formal event due to Clinton-mania coming to town.

I'm expecting the press blast to hit the streets in the next hour or so.

Where and when is the Orentlicher event today?

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