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Mitch's Pitch: My first term was great! (because I say so)

Looking over this description of Governor Daniels' recent appearance at Indiana University, one has to wonder how much of this was said with a straight face. I couldn't even read it with a straight face.

“Governor Daniels represents what bold yet responsible leadership truly means,” Delta Sigma Pi Co-Vice President for Professional Activities Ravi Rathi said in introductory remarks outlining some of the economic achievements of the Daniels administration.

Rathi mentioned Toyota, Honda and Cummins as three companies that Daniels helped bring to the state.

Daniels said the goal in bringing these companies to the state was a mantra every member of his administration should be able to repeat: raise the net income of Hoosiers.

Oh, you mean the personal income of Hoosiers that has been on the decline over the last three years when compared with the national average?

Daniels credited two things with helping bring companies such as Medco to the state: developing business-friendly tax policies and investing in the state’s infrastructure. He was especially proud of his decision to lease the state’s toll roads to finance much-needed transportation projects.

“The only way to do (these projects) without raising taxes or leaving behind a fortune in debt was to engage in a little creative financing,” Daniels said. “In the long run, I think the state will be better off because of it.” In enacting these changes, Daniels said, he has been guided by one goal: the need to transplant accountability to government.

Without raising taxes? Like the sales tax that went up yesterday? And can someone explain to me how letting a private company take control of a state asset for 75 years in return for a short-term infusion of money "transplants" any accountability to government?

“We expect people to work at the speed of business, not the speed of government,” he said. “If mistakes are made because we move too fast, we fix them. My motto has always been to ask for forgiveness, not permission.”

In line with managing the state government like a business, Daniels said he viewed his fellow Hoosiers not simply as citizens, but as shareholders.

Something tells me that if a CEO were to start selling off parts of a company as haphazardly as Mitch has, against the wishes of the shareholders, he wouldn't last very long. (Especially if he kept telling everyone how great things were, despite that meddlesome thing called "reality".)

Posted by: Thomas


Whooaah!?! The only reason out of control taxation is occurring in Indiana is because of poor management by Bayh/O'Bannon/Kernan and by the Democrat controlled statehouse. They never met someone else's dollar they weren't willing to spend. The Courts mandated reassesment. Our assessed values went up about 24% due to market value assessment. The LOGICAL thing to do was to lower tax rates about 20% to even out revenue to prevousl levels. Dems wouldn't even think of giving $$$ back to taxpayers. Best solution?, cap it! If I'm bringing business to Indiana, I now know where I stand and will stand 20 years from now. The "spenders" are now handcuffed and businesses and homeowners don't have to worry about future property taxation!

The main problem "Ditch Mitch-ers" have with Gov. Daniels is his association with "W"... Get over it!

What has Mitch done for me? Increased the number of different taxes I now pay and raise the amount I pay for state income and county income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, and it goes on and on. Vote him out and stop the decline of Indiana. I hope the one person who thinks he is doing so well will be able to pay higher taxes as many others choose to leave the state because that is what is going to happen. The less people in the state the higher the taxes will go to pay for stadiums and tax abatements, tax deferrments, and all the hocus pocus arrangements made for big businesses. No one ever gave me a tax break for living here. But I pay extra to let those big businesses get out of paying what taxes they should pay like every other business in Indiana. Indiana businessmen and women should be screaming for him to be voted out because they are not getting the same tax breaks.

You Mitch Daniels shills can come here and spin all you want, but the people aren't as stupid as they once were and are wise to Mitch and his 'black-is-white" and "up-is-down" BS. Do you remember the unhappy taxpayers last year? With property taxes going up the next two years, three property tax bills to pay this year and having to immediately pay an increased sales tax, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

not all problems are Daniels fault, but judging him by the same scorecard he used in the last election, he is flunking.

the problem with running government like a business is that nobody runs business like a business anymore. decisions made in corporate america today focus on the bottom line, the next quarterly report and how much more the ceo can put in the buyout package for themselves.

mitch is doing to this state what every corporate raider does, sell off (or lease if you prefer, but it won't be in control of the state again in my lifetime) as much as you can, outsource the rest making the business as attractive for takeover as possible. Then sit back and wait for the buyout offer.

Does anyone really want Indiana to be the next Enron, Worldcom, or closer to home, Conseco or ATA?

He has said more than once "if we make a mistake because we are moving too fast, we can fix it later" and that he would rather ask forgiveness than permission. Only problem is, he is ignoring the law and the main job of the Governor is to UPHOLD the laws of the state. He learned well from his buddy George W.

In case you didn't notice, Indiana was in decline long before 2004. As a lifetime "shareholder" in Indiana, I fully agree with Daniels' management of our state. The Bayh/O'Bannon Lottery-Horse Track Dollars have tapered off. A majority of Hoosier manufacturing is dependent on higher end, gas guzzling vehicles which are in decline...and our problems are Daniels' fault??? How??? Oh yeah, as Jill Long Thompson said, "I won't sell Hoosier assets to foreign countries." I guess that cashing in on an asset we never have maximized (and never will with governmental bureaucracy) BY LEASING IT NOT "SELLING IT" was a bad idea. (Is Jill Long Thompson really that stupid, or does she just think Hoosiers are that stupid???) I was beginning to feel that my only hope for my future and my children's future was to get out of Indiana. Because of Governor Mitch Daniels I don't feel that way anymore.

Like his creative ads for re-election. He tells a lot of HALF TRUTHS. Does the man know the truth if it hits him in the face?

I think if a CEO of a business had a division of the company that was losing millions a year, he would eliminate the division. However, Mitch was able to turn a losing asset into a multi-billion dollar asset, that is not sold away, but rented out. When will you people stop complaining about the millions and millions, and I'll go ahead and throw in one more, millions of dollars we get from the dilapidated toll road that someone else is now going to take care in a way government can't?

"Rathi mentioned Toyota, Honda and Cummins as three companies that Daniels helped bring to the state."

Seems to me that there's a little confusion here - of course Daniels didn't bring Cummins Inc to Indiana. They've been headquartered in Columbus for almost 90 years now. What Daniels meant, I'm sure, is that he somehow had a hand in finagling the tax breaks so that Cummins located their new plant in 1,000,000 square feet of empty factory they had in Columbus instead of elsewhere....elsewhere like Jaurez Mexico. I'm not saying that I think he can take any credit for it, but if you've picked up the business section of any middle- or southern-Indiana newspaper lately, you ought to have seen something about the 600 blue-collar and ~500 white collar jobs that factory will create. So when he says Cummins, he means that one factory. Not the whole company. It doesn't seem that hard to understand to me.

And another thing - why do people whom I assume are adults keep posting such infantile comments? Mitch Daniels is short. Haha, funny. It's even funnier for the 1000th time, let me tell you. There are a huge number of legitimate issues you could have with the guy, so why are some people so focused on bringing the discourse down to a playground level?

The speed of government is dictated by all the rules and regulations set down by the Dept of Administration with the approval of the AG and the power trip by the Budget Agency. ANYBODY, including Mitch, who thinks you can run the gov't like business is as stupid as the people who vote for him.
Hah, 6:42, I had to check to see if I met myself when I read your post, but I was in a meeting at that time. Thanks for taking the words right out of my mouth. Now all that's left is the bad taste of Mitch Daniels. Ptoooey!

WHat?? I thought Cummins was here long before Daniels rode in the his black suit of armour on that hog he rides. Toyota and Honda?? They did not make any business decisions based on Daniels or the good of the state. They came because Daniels is a union buster and can help them lower the wages they have to pay in the U.S. And weren't they already here in a matter of speaking? Taxes have risen in Indiana over the past few years because I am having to pay more real estate tax, more to license my cars due to wheel taxes, more taxes in sales taxes due to a raise in sales taxes and that friggin RCA DOME and LUCAS OIL STADIUM which I never go to or plan on going to but I still have to pay for them because my county borders on MARION county. And then ther is the increased health insurance costs because I am a state employee and every year he has been in office I have had to pay more since the state of my health is deteriorating due to abuse and harrassment and stress and having to do the work that three people used to do and made to feel guilty that I get paid the wages I am because I am told I am worthless, whinning, bitching, and do not do enough. And now he wants me to vote for him to continue the reign of terror he has brought to Indiana? I think he lies. I think he only fools himself when he says he never raised taxes. I think everyone should vote for someone else other than this slick tongued evil little man who must carry a box to stand on when he speaks because he is not tall enough to reach a microphone. He loves to be photographed with little kids because it makes him feel tall and he avoids being seen standing up when taller adults are around him. LET BECKY WEAR HIGH HEELS!!!!!

He didn't bring Cummins to Indiana, I know that. They've been here for decades.

"creative financing"- isnt that what wall street investment bankers use all the time( usually bilking widows,orpahns, and grannies out of their money)Mortage bankers, and Lenders- to fund the housing crisis. Politicians, and the government- to fund their various schemes, and scams. Enron, WorldCom, Halliburton, KBR, and the rest- to finance their profiteering?
And for what- "cheap Labor"- as if the good hardworking Hoosiers-our friends and families- are economic slaves? While I dont see the wealthy corpotate captains of industry sharing any of the economic pain. Nope- cant have a graduated state income tax. thanks for all the relief on my food, fuel, and family.
Our Governor is like Ramses-the King of Denial-Ramses these things right through.
while the rest of us slaves get to keep building the pyramids for the rich.
You cant have a conversation or dialogue, when one party refuses to listen, or ignores reality. good Job Mitch. Poverty figures dont Lie. But i done hear any viable options that will tax the rich, and grow some jobs, without punishing the poor- for being poor

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