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New Poll: Clinton leads Obama by 9 points

And here we have the other poll released today by SurveyUSA, which gives us a baseline as the first results put out by a nationally-recognized polling outfit.

    530 Likely Voters -- MoE 4.3%

    52% -- Hillary Clinton
    43% -- Barack Obama
    5% -- Other/Undecided

It's a lead, but not a huge lead. Thoughts?


I read this post three times, and I cannot tell: this is just Indiana, right?

If so, 530 is enough of a sample group, but barely.

Time will tell. Over on the Star's posting block, some idiot is still whining about Lee Hamilton's "Dear Commandant" letter to that despot Daniel Ortega. He completely omits the fact that Oliver North broke existing law to fund the Contras, and the fact that not five of 100 Hoosier voters remember Daniel Ortega or what that mess was about. Why Oliver North isn't still in prison is beyond me. No, wait...he's not only free, he's a part-time radio talk show host. Only in America.

So there ya go. The intellegnece of Hoosier "Democratic" voters.

And Rush, another felon, can kiss my rear. He's wigged out again.

Probably the pain pills for some dental work, huh?

Lee Hamilton's endorsement can't hurt Barack. Better still as far as I am concerned was Sen. Obama's comment that he would want Al Gore in his administration in an environmental role.

Well, with the error at +/-4.3 and survey usa only using 530 of 1,650 people, in reality they are close to tied. The truth is, we will not know until until 9pm or later May 6th.

Capri - I also found your thoughts of the number of people registering to vote a great story of its own. The problem is getting these new voters to the polls. Not only for the primary but for the general where it truly counts.

Don't forget people, Rush Slimball is pumping his "operation jerkoff" encouraging his listeners to vote for Hillary. It may cause 1% of some republicans to switch over but it could be enough to swing the election. He has a boner for Obama because Obama doesn't work with republicans but on the other hand, he blasted McCain for working with democrats. I'm confused...what does he want? Oh, that's right...to hear his own voice. What a a-hole.

In my house? 4 votes for Obama. 0 votes for Hillary.

Due respect Miller Mom, but "everyone I talk to" is not a representative sample, especially for an entire state.

I looked at the details and evidently Republicans were included in the poll. ?!? Guess what? They favor Hillary. I do not know if Rush Limbaugh is sending his dittoheads to the polls here in Indiana as he did in Texas and Ohio, ready to vote for Hillary, but why ask Republicans their opinion? That skews the results. One number I found interesting personally: Clinton leads Obama 51-44% in northern Indiana. Considering the margin of error, that means we can take her out up here.

I don't know if I buy into the results of the poll. Out of all of the co-workers, friends and family members I discuss politics with, only two are pro-Hillary (they are both older, FTR). Even the GOP relations I unfortunately have to claim are planning to go in and vote for Obama (I understand they are doing it to skew the votes, but I think they are doing it in the wrong direction). Personally, I have always loved Bill Clinton, but never cared for Hillary. She might be a good leader, but I can't get past the personality - she seems cold and a little fake...Just my personal feeling of course.

Gaining Democratic voters overall is what's key. If you do the math, Hilary is not going to win, so it makes little sense to vote for her. However, the fact she's running in every state anyhow is good for the Dem.s These contested races have been associated with a huge increase in registered Dems in other states and a growth and depth of local support. This probably wouldn't have happened if the party race was over on Super Tuesday.

The biggest under reported story of the primaries so far has been the huge difference in absolute number of Democratic vs. Republican voters.

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