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Survey Says: Second poll shows Schellinger surging

Over six months ago, Jill Long Thompson led her opponent Jim Schellinger by as many as thirty-odd points. Last month, she released data that showed her with a twenty-six point advantage, and her campaign declared that she "clearly has the momentum heading into the May primary." Today, however, a second poll shows that the race for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination has dramatically tightened, confirming Tuesday's SurveyUSA data showing that Schellinger has closed the gap to a virtual tie.

The results, via the South Bend Tribune:

Research 2000
400 likely voters -- MoE 5%

42% -- Jill Long Thompson
41% -- Jim Schellinger
17% -- Undecided

The Long Thompson crew points to demographic advantages that will likely help them during a primary season that will see huge turnout. The Schellinger camp says that Hoosiers are finally getting to meet their candidate, and they like what they see.

Those numbers point to the "diversity of support that Jill and her campaign are receiving," said Jeff Harris, communications director for the Long Thompson campaign.

That said, Schellinger's popularity is on the rise, Ali said. A poll he did in September for WISH-TV in Indianapolis had Long Thompson ahead by 30 points.

"Obviously, he's caught some fire," Ali said.

In other gubernatorial news, the Schellinger YouTube account provides us with their latest television spot:

Posted by: Thomas


Those in the 2nd district may remember the NASTY tv war between JLT and Chris Chocola. Those kind of memories tend to give JLT high name recognition and high negatives. It also shows that she is not above taking the gloves off and getting down and dirty.

she can't help herself...she will have to go negative now because his positive message is working and people are starting to see her for what she is...a life long bureaucrat who can not connect with average hoosiers

mitch is hoping jlt gets the nod because he will be able to beat her by twenty points...she would be insane to attack his record as a hoosier business owner....if she went to those communities where he has built projects she would know that he brought them together and in many cases lowered the costs to make everyone happy...but all she knows is negative...she has forgotten that she is not running for another term in congress....

This is great for Daniels. He won't have to go negative for a while. He will also have help in digging up dirt because each Dem campaign is going to do that for him. In fact, once one Dem is out of the race, he can just buy their negative commercial to save money. Just today I saw some attacks. JLT said something about Schellinger making millions on the backs of property tax payers. Schellinger saying something to the extent that JLT has made most of her income from taxpayer funded public jobs. The question is: Who gained the most from public tax money?

High name I.D. cuts both ways. You are famous and infamous. If JLT starts the ball and goes negative, Schellinger (and the former Miss TDW) will make sure that her voting record is known all over the state. By the way, it is not widely known that there was a "gentleman's agreement" between Schellinger and JLT last year that neither would go negative in order to unify the Party behind one candidate and conserve strength for the fall campaign. Then "someone" fed what turned out to be a non-issue to the papers concerning CSO Architects (Schellinger's firm) and Schellinger's use of their airplane. Schellinger was exonerated by the FAA but the hatchet was buried you know where. There have been other incidents. Although the Schellinger campaign has fired a few shots across JLT's bow, to their credit, they have not fired both barrels at her...yet.

making up 26 points is a surge by any measure...any pollster would tell you that
i expect jill to go negative in the next few days...she has to run scared now that she knows her "lead" before was just name id left over from the last time she lost a race
i hope jim has not forgotten to look at jill's voting record in congress....there are alot of things in there she would not want him to see

That's a surge? Good God. The only surge he might have is if he is on Viagra.

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