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Circling Back: Six Weeks Gone, But Y'All Kept The Love (And The Blog) Alive

Tdwlogo Hiya.

TDW here, just popping by to see what's happening and check up on the blog.

First off, thanks for the congratulations on the bar exam. Talk about lists you check more than twice to make sure you're not imagining things.

For those of you who were wondering, your friendly former blogmistress hasn't made a decision yet on whether to return to authoring this site -- or what to do with her life, really. So many options, so much time to play with Baby TDW.

Those decisions will be forthcoming in the next week or so.

For the time being, a motherly word of warning on this Mother's Day: Knock off the political infighting, kids.

We all picked horses last Tuesday. Some won. Some lost. That's politics.

So, what do we do now?

That's up to each of you, but here's a recommendation: Focus on the candidates who interest you, and work like heck to get them elected in November. There has to be someone -- or some race -- out there that motivates you. Carpe enthusiasm.

We're all Democrats, and in case it's escaped your notice, there's no shortage of Democrats running for office this year. Just because, for example, your presidential candidate didn't get the nod doesn't mean you can't harness that energy for some other political purpose.

Oh, and remember, they call them election cycles for a reason: There's always another one just around the bend.

Now get out there and get crackin'. We've got lots of work to do over the next six months.



We got some angry sisters up in here. Everyone breath. MotherEarth, funny pick. As for the not amused mama's, its a joke, HAHA?? Calm down a little. We all know Damien is cute??

Oh my! a picture of Mother Earth! Ego getting a little oversized there, "mother?" Pretty brazen to send people to a site just to show off. Besides needing the services of a good orthodontist, I suspect you need to see an opthamologist. You wouldn't know a cute baby if you could see one!

Nana is not amused.

For everyone that wanted to see a picture of Jen's baby, here's a good one. Pretty cute I'd say.

I was told today by a friend that Beth White, county clerk, failed to carry her precinct for Andre Carson. I guess when she is on the slate that it will be more important to her but many of us will remember.

Jen, please come back, you can bring baby TDW with you, she'll be no problem. We really need a strong voice hammering on his Mitchiness' BS. I'm getting sick of his stupid commercials claiming he didn't raise taxes and the letters to the editor in The Star (probably from his campaign staff) gushing about his wonderfulness. We the sane voters of the state of Indiana NEED YOU!!!

Stay home with you kids. Take it from somebodie who knows.

Oh Jen, honey, pay no nver mind to the naysayers.

On a different note: did you read the poetty back-and-forth released yesterday, regarding Sampson, IU and the NCAA?

Gloriana frangipani indeed. What a sordid mess. Branch McCracken weeps.

We want TDW back...

you should go back to state party just to piss off the JLT people!! i'm sure they think they run the place now...

7:56, when were you last written up in 2 separate Indy Star columns lauding your work? Oh, I guess never. So shut up.

If both blogs are too much, I would rather have the local scoop - please choose The Accidental Mayor. It is way too quiet on the local scene, and this niche needs to be filled.

Do everyone a favor and do not return to state party.

Well, 4:32 is out to lunch, but what's with that silly Orange County Register post? I don't get it.

Ignore 4:32. I have a sense most people around him/her do that regularly.

4:35, you might be right. But I'm sure JDD gets a certain thrill out of seeing his name on the internet so much, regardless of the fact that it is because he is so completely despised!

TDW can be my mother!

But she'd have to wash my mouth out with soap after I got done telling 4:32 where to go and what to do when they get there.........

Please come back, and come back to Accidental Mayor. Ballard and Brizzi have been given a free ride without you around!

"It's gotta be us Knuckle-Knockers....but everyone who reads and post to that thread sure appreciates that it is there."

I doubt RSM and JDD would agree with that statement ;)

"For the time being, a motherly word of warning on this Mother's Day: Knock off the political infighting, kids."

You're not our Mother, and if you can't handle the heat, get out of politics, and stay off this site.

There are other sites for you to visit if you can't handle it here.

Just remember... we AREN'T all democrats. Some of us are republicans against mitch.

TDW, pretty please come back!! We miss you!!

This was printed in the Progress examiner and The Republican Newspapers both in Orange County

To Editor:
The Orange County Child Protection Team meets monthly with caseworkers and reviews the actions of the Department of Children’s Services. We have a good understanding of how the agency works. We celebrated with them upon their move into the new offices on Hospital Road, a move that was much needed as the old offices were full of mold and other allergens. In this facility, clients are provided privacy and confidentiality. The location provides a safe venue for families with active children. Handicap issues are accommodated, and the protection of abused women and foster children is ensured by multiple entrances and exits. It is a wonderful addition to Orange County and something of which all citizens should be proud.
At our April meeting, we were in formed that the State of Indiana was forcing a move on DCS which would be completed ASAP. This move is to the Southwest corner of the Paoli town square into the confines of the former Rent To Own building. This building is bordered by state roads on three sides and parking is limited. There is only one reserved handicap accessible parking space in this area and the slope of the available parking is sometimes treacherous for able-bodied people. The office will consist of cubicles opening into a waiting lobby. There will be no private rooms for client’s interviews. The two entrances will be on the same side of the building and the case workers will share a single stall restroom in an adjoining section of the building.
Our team responsibilities are to the citizens of Orange County, and we feel we must inform you of this issue. The State had proceeded without public notice to strip our county of a valuable resource and replace it with something which will not provide the same service or security. Caseworker security will be jeopardized by the entrance shared with the residents of the apartments overhead. These workers are in and out of the office 24 hours a day and now must enter an area open to others before accessing the office. The parking situation is also an issue; they will be made to park at the corner of St. Road 37 and Water Street. This is over a full block from their door. A good healthy walk under most conditions, but consider that these case workers are frequently the target of threats from disgruntled clients or angry perpetrators.
The State is changing all case workers across Indiana from offices to cubicles which makes confidentiality an issue and is not providing a separate private space in which to interview clients, Abuse victims, young and old will be interviewed within earshot of other clients and staff. Placing the two entrances along the same outside wall eliminated a safe exit in case of a hostage or threatening situation. All patrons will be visible at all times. A private removal is impossible from the office. The children we are trying to protect will be on display to their abusers and the general public. Our Child Protection Team finds this to be unacceptable.
The Child Protection Team encourages all citizens to drive past the two locations and decide for themselves if this is a credible move for the State to make. Contact your representatives if you do not approve of what is happening to Orange County.

Sincerely, Orange County Child Protection Team

I know the building I think Abe Lincoln may have slept there. It is an old building divided into apartment rental units. Nice location for an Indiana Modernization Project

It's gotta be us Knuckle-Knockers.

We sure aren't looking for the fame and glory that comes with perhaps being the longest-running blog thread, but everyone who reads and post to that thread sure appreciates that it is there. TDW's Knuckle-Knock thread is a lifeline for a lot of people who are wanting to do the job but crying out for help before more people get hurt. It is DOC's Underground, and we love it. We need it. And it is helping to build a grassroots movement in the traditionally Republican DOC to vote Mitch out in November.

BTW - this is completely non sequitur, but does anyone know if there's a Guinness Book award for longest running blog thread? We could have a winner here.

Sitting here drinking coffee, reading some of these recent posts and thinking the Good Ol' Days are Here Again (?)

Glad to see Family TDW is doing well and snarky.

I too am selfish and would love TDW to make this the [second] priority of her life and come back (no offense to the guest bloggers, you have been keeping it alive and I am grateful).

Now back to work, with a content caffeine buzz and the hope for momentum building and victory in November!

Funny,I missed her too. There must be some masochistic gene in me that keeps coming back for more of the wit and wisdom of TDW that she deals out to me on a regular basis anyway! I did however get lots more done when I was working at my computer.

Couldn't we all perhaps think about stamping out the opposition instead of bickering about the primaries (which are, as the kids say, SOOOOOOO OVER)? And for those of you who aren't particularly fond of our candidate, why would you vote for the opposition? It is possible to just scratch, you know.

As to the Garmin ... while masquerading as a Mother's Day present, its more subtle use is to avoid those unforeseen phone calls where she tries to tell me where she is, I attempt to locate it on a google map and then direct her back to where she really wants to be (usually home) :-) And no, there's no alcohol involved!

Thanks to 6:00 for the kind Nana Day thoughts. The "not so wee" one has been spending her days with us and it's really lonely here this morning. Or at least it's really quiet. BTW- TDW, she is not huge!!! She's just going to be a rather tall young lady in a few years like her mother. She is however the MBBITW (Most Beautiful Baby in the World)

As for whomever is on their way to Lowe's, it's Patchmaster by Scotts and some places carry a larger (300 sq ft) bag that's a better buy. Maybe TDW and I can split the blog between politics and gardening!

Best to all.

Pretty please come back to TDW. Now that you're not employed by the Party, I'd like to see you give it your all without so many considerations. You're a natural at this; I miss your writing. After all these years, it feels odd not to "hear from you" every day. You've become a friend online and off and I miss checking in on what you're thinking now.

See, this blog can also help with gardening! :)

I too have places where grass needs to take hold, so on my planned trip to Lowes tomorrow, I will look for that grass stuff. Can't hurt, right?

Thanks Petty Cash. Appreciate the tip. Will check Lowes tomorrow

Election Cycles

There are 4 election cycles in Indiana...



Presidential, Governor and other county.


In that order.

Since next year is the off year we all need to do everything for the General Election and make sure we elect our Democratic candidates.

Get some of the leg work done ahead of time. Such as finding out who all got rides to the polls last year and this year and getting them absentee ballots. If they don't want to vote absentee then get the form ready making sure they are still registered to vote and include directions for the drivers on how to get to the voter.

Not sure if the name is Turfmaster, but: it's in a white bag, about five pounds...looks like blown-in insulation, and it's green and white. It'll take several bags for a decent-sized area. It contains grass seed, and when wet, says in place except in very high wind.

The grass that comes up is a combination of rye and other mixtures, mostly fescue, so you may need to do it two seasons in a row. But it produces a nice crop of grass quickly. Without putting down all that freaking straw.

Thus endeth the horticulture tips from this IU grad...and frustrated landscaper, with apologies to all Purdue friends who know grass better.

Or, you could just cement the whole backyard and paint it green.

Don't laugh--my neighbors did it five years ago.

We will eagerly await your decision, but my selfishness hopes you will come back. Not only are the posts not as snarky, there's about as many in one week as you'd throw out in a day.

TDW, welcome back! Your horse (and mine) lost in the governor's race, but I am glad to still see the positive words come out of you. You have one great future ahead of you, so take your time figuring out what is next and set your course.

Thanks for the tip on Turfmaster for grass. Lowes?

I have a Tom-Tom. Used it over spring break on a long road trip. You'll learn, the hard way, the difference between veer, turn and angle..."Stay on the motorway"...but they're a Godsend. And if you get off the interstate to find a restaurant, she has this annoying voice telling you to turn around.

For the yard: Lowe's has this great stuff that looks like insulation. Green, has grass seed in it. If you spread it around, and water the hell out of it, it grows grass effortlessly. Like magic. I think it's called TurfMaster.

No, the Lakers. Always. Because they've gotten all the ref's calls for about, oh, a decade or more. If Phil Jackson ever gripes about a call, there is a decade of nonsensical calls in his favor, built up in the resevoir.

Besides, although our Pacers have developed a great talent for bombing, we still gotta root for the Eastern Conference.

Altho we all know the NBA wants the Lakers in the Finals. Conspiracy theorists unite!
As long as Knick Bavetta is reffing, it's possible.

Oh, you are going to LOVE that Garmin. We got one before our last trip--peace in the family again! Electronic backseat drivers do not get their feelings hurt, either. And yeah, that British voice is kinda' neat.
Happy first Mother's Day to you and first as Grandma to your mom.

I will take your advice and be nice but I will vote for McCain[Heaven forbid} before I will vote for that head bobbing, shrill, pantsuits wearing harpie and her husband.

Can we agree to root against the plastic packaging with the crimped edges that they put electronics in?

Either to congratulate me for passing the bar or to send some subliminal message about the general directionlessness of my life over the past few years, my parents gave me a Garmin yesterday.

It just took me 10 minutes to get the thing open, and I nearly sliced off two fingers in the process.

I will, however, state that this one of the best gifts ever, as I am capable of getting lost on my way from the bathroom to the front door, and I can think of nothing more fantastic than a little fake-British voice telling me where to turn to arrive at my destination in a timely fashion.

P.S. I'll get some photos of Baby TDW posted in the coming days. She is, officially, huge. Not fat, per se. Just huge. We're talking 95th percentile for weight and height. Huge.

Hey, TDW! We've missed you...and Baby TDW too!

Welcome back (I hope!).

Great to hear from you, TDW! Congrats on the Bar and I'm hoping you're having a rockin' Mother's Day!

I totally agree with your message of activism and empowerment, and it's one I've been talking about a lot more since The Bigs were in town. If more people would build up instead of tear down, just think of what could be accomplished!

I just can't be upset about Obama not taking Indiana because he didn't lose, either. *We* didn't lose. Tens of thousands of Hoosiers are newly registered to vote and I don't think that would have happened without the presidential race dropping by. As someone who always keeps voter registration forms behind the bar (really!) that is a big win on it's own.

Happy Mother's Day once again, Jen!

Can we has picture of the babe?

Hey! As an ardent Laker fan, I'd much prefer that you root against the Celtics. :-)

I'm rooting against the rain. Our little sliver of backyard looks like a Chia Pet on 'roids.

You posted just in time, Jen. The naysayers were taking over.

While you're deciding what to do, how fortunate to have such a joyous bundle to distract you. Go with it. Before she can talk back. A warm cup o' Joe, baby TDW, some mindless TV or a good magazine or book...let it pour outside.

How about a political distraction? Finding something we can all root against? Like, maybe the Lakers?

Blog on.

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