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Election open thread: What will rock Indiana politics?

Since I and my political counterparts will be swamped for the next couple of days, let's get an open thread going to get us to Wednesday.  So, Step right up and give us your predictions!

In almost every election cycle there is something that happens on election day that completely shocks Indiana.  What will it be this year?  Two years ago it was the defeat of Bob Garton, 4 years ago it was the defeat of Larry Borst.  Who in Indiana will have a come from behind victory?  What's the big story (outside the presidential race) that will dominate the Indiana news on May 7th?

This thread is officially open.  Good luck to all involved in the races, see you on Wednesday!

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Hillary can't win. If only the media would stop their circus. O'Bama IS the candidate! That's a fact.

1:48 AM...I think its time to demote Butch.
DLZ, his employer (or whatever they are now called) is one of the larger contributors to Daniels campaign.

Someone wrote:
"There is no other process that is allowed to take place. A person is allowed to vote anyway they choose to vote. And they can declare whatever ballot they want in the primary. Do otherwise or attempt to ascertain their direction or intent in the general and you ARE VIOLATING THE LAW!"

Not true. In a primary election, a voter may be challenged with regard to party.


Good luck Jim Schellinger, Andre Carson, Barack Obama. Let's do this.

I cannot believe what I am reading here concerning the gubernatorial race. JLT's ground game? She must be running a 91 county strategy. As I have said before, she has next to nothing in St. Joseph County, one of the largest Democratic counties in the state.

As of 1:43am Tuesday morning, I have received no phone calls, no pieces of mail and no door to door canvassers for Jill Long Thompson. Meanwhile, I have participated in door to door and phone banks for Schellinger, I have dropped his literature in ten precincts and I have received his mailer. I am not alone here. South Bend and Mishawaka are covered with his yard signs. The only ones she has are "Another Steelworker for Jill