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Full of fail; the Biography of Mitch Daniels

Another study in 'then and now'

From September 2005

Gov. Mitch Daniels pulled into Reynolds, Ind., Sept. 13 in his biodiesel-powered RV 1 to unveil BioTown, USA — a city that uses biorenewable energy sources to meet all of its energy needs.

"BioTown, USA is an aggressive plan that I believe will become a model for rural communities throughout our state and country," Daniels said. "We are taking challenges and turning them into opportunities by developing homegrown, local energy production to become independent from foreign sources; creating a cleaner environment; finding new solutions to animal waste management issues; and developing new markets for Indiana agricultural products and by-products."

Fast forward to April of this year:

'BioTown' loses steam on energy independence - This one-stoplight farming hamlet had big dreams in 2005 when it was christened BioTown USA.

Its goal: to become the first U.S. community to meet all electricity and gas needs through renewable energy by using everything from farm waste to sewage.
But the visitors are long gone, and many say the excitement is too. Money problems, leadership changes and other obstacles have sparked skepticism that Reynolds will ever succeed at moving the state, much less the nation, toward homegrown energy and away from foreign oil.

From today's Indystar:

Gas passes $4 mark in Reynolds - The Lafayette Journal and Courier, meanwhile, reports today that gasoline passed $4 per gallon on Tuesday at the Green Gables gas station in Reynolds, Ind., 86 miles northwest of Indianapolis.

Thanks Mitch, you are doing an outstanding job!

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Wasn't Karl Rove an adult?
Or was he the wolf?
I get so confused

"adults follow the law."

Will you tell me the one about the three pigs and the wolf next?

if this is not an issue, JLT should open her books and disclose where the money came from.

adults follow the law.

"i do not want democrats to lose to mitch daniels because we nominated someone who can not keep her books and then covers it up."

And I don't want to lose to Mitch because all the Indy "geniuses" can't acknowledge they lost, grow up, and start acting like adults.

media insider:

[no offense, but we are talking about a candidate who barely raised a million dollars and most of it came from special interest groups and unions.]

Exactly, where did Schellinger get his contributions? Aren't AFSCME, Ironworkers, Laborer's, and the UAW labor unions?

Aren't Bart Peterson, Graham Richard, M&I Bank, Turner Construction, Hunt Paving, HOK, K&H Distributing, HCO, and others interest groups?

I'm sure you are all experts on what is legal and how campaigns are operated.

i'm worried about a candidate who does not follow the law. i am also worried about what mitch will do to a candidate who does not follow the law.

we can not afford to have someone on the ballot who cheats the system, and that is what this looks like. mitch is hated but he could make himself look good up against someone who does not follow the law.

if JLT is over her head, she needs to ask for help, and she needs to answer these questions ASAP.

Mitch is wrecking the state, and you're worried about campaign finance reports? Campaign finance laws shouldn't even exist.

Yawwwwnnn...is Jen back yet?

no offense, but we are talking about a candidate who barely raised a million dollars and most of it came from special interest groups and unions.

i heard that her spokesman is now telling people that they placed the media buy before january and that is why it didn't show up in the supplement reporting.

only problem with that is the fact that it didn't show up in her previous reports.

follow the money and it doesn't add up. she needs to clear up this situation right now or it is going to haunt her until mid-summer.

i do not want democrats to lose to mitch daniels because we nominated someone who can not keep her books and then covers it up.

This is why the Democratic Party has such a hard time in Indiana, you take story about how bad of a governor Mitch is, and attack on of your own. JLT tries to bring the party together, and like a bunch of spoiled brats, your whine and bitch and moan about it. How about your get off your asses and do something about it? If you want Mitch out, unify yourselves.

As for the tv spots, have you ever thought that donations under $10,000 don't have to be posted, and JLT may have a lot of small donors?

Stop being cannibals and help one of your own.

The other option is that she raised the money within the final window, an amount under the supplemental reporting requirement, and after the final reporting deadline before the primary. Her next campaign finance report should indicate which is which. Thanks to our lax campaign finance laws, she should be able to make it up as she goes along.

this is a very easy question to answer.

someone just needs to go to the television stations, request the public files, and ask to see the checks.

according to past reports, JLT buys her media through chris sautter. i have seen a copy of the complaint on another blog, and i have looked at her reports, and i believe she has made one payment to chris sautter.

if all of the checks to the television stations came from chris sautter then someone needs to look at her next report and find out how much she paid to chris sautter and if it was reported in a timely manner. (if she raised several hundred thousand dollars and did not file the supplemental reports, then she broke the law.)

however, i think what probably happened is either that other groups gave chris sautter the money to buy media on behalf of JLT (illegal if not reported) or other groups bought media directly on her behalf (also illegal in some instances).

this may not seem very important to most people but i can assure you that having worked in media buying for over 25 years, there are specific laws you have to follow.

the person who compared her to matt kelty may be more right than he/she knows. something does not add up about these numbers and now, because the next report is not due for another couple months, this issue is going to linger over JLT's campaign and make it even harder for her to raise money.

she would be smart to come clean now and explain everything instead of looking like she is covering something up. it will not surprise anyone if she is broke. it was widely expected that both dem candidates would be by the end of the primary. mark my words that this could be a BIG problem for her as a candidate.

I thought the post topic was Mitch's "Then & Now" stories. Which I truly love.

Maybe tie one of those "Then & Now" stories into the education issues surrounding this governor. Before he ran, some superintendents in the state had a videoor audio tape of Mitch, some of his Hudson Institute Hitler Youth, and other buds, extolling the virtues of private education. And bashing public education beyond the piling-on level. You know the crowd...Chamber guys, IMA guys like Keily, Mark Miles, Roob/Boob, Mark Lubbers, et al...a bunch of wealthy white guys.

Ask Sue Ellen Reed to write and "Then & Now" about Mitch. That'd be hilarious.

I am not lying. Please refrain from making such accusations or I will consider suing you for defamation (that is just a joke).

Let us know where you got your crystal ball to see into the future.

That sure was a carefully worded statement, Lady. Are you JLT's attorney? Of course she isn't under investigation, the Indiana Election Commission hasn't met to launch it yet. However, they're required to investigate it if a formal request is made and the Commission decides to go forward.

My guess is that the commission members will either tie in their vote to investigate, or at least one D will support it as well since the UAW and Schellinger's people are behind it.

This is tricky for the party and they had better be talking to their side of the Election Division to make sure their votes are locked and this thing is squashed quickly. If one D sides with the R's on this, the election is over.

"JLT is not currently under investigation by the Election Division or Commission."

don't lie
she will be once her next report is filed...that is what the letter from the election division says
she is going to be the next matt kelty

JLT is not currently under investigation by the Election Division or Commission.

FSSA Secretary Mitch Roob is hard at work irritating REPO party leadership. When invited by Republican County Chairwoman Kaye Whitehead to speak at an event in Muncie, Hundreds attended the meeting to complain about new welfare system
http://www.thestarpress.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080514/NEWS01/805140354/1002/NEWS17 , Roob blasted her “do you know how busy I am?”

It was not until the night before the event Mitch contacted Kaye GRANTING her request.

Roob was spurred into action from rumors of JLT’s presence at the event.

If MMM wants to win this Fall, keep Roob on a tighter leash!

sign your name, chump from the southside

leave State Party.

8:39, with democrats like you, we don't need Republicans.

JLT can't answer the questions about where the money came from...and she LIED to the press about being cleared...she is still under investigation and will continue to be until her next report is filed...the woman is trouble and she doesn't understand how to play by the rules...you saw it in her TV ads against shellinger and you're seeing it now...mitch will destroy her and we as democrats have only ourselves to blame...i also heard that in 2002 she told PBS she stood "shoulder to shoulder" with president bush...that's the kind of dem we nominated??????? she's a joke who doesn't even have gas money to do a state wide tour of indiana...mitch is going to make a fool of her and her terrible eye shadow

I wouldn't call the UAW a small minority. They were probably worth a million bucks in the general plus tens of thousands of boots on the ground. This is bad news all around for JLT. Terrible timing with today's press conference that was supposed to announce our unity. No doubt that republicans helped time the leak of this info.

3:38: It's clear to me, there are a few folks, thankfully a small minority, who are so bitter at the implosion of the Schellinger campaign (thus the JLT win) that they'll do almost anything.

They're pathetic.

what good is investigating JLT gonna do? She kicked his butt, plain and simple

Go to the front page of the Muncie Starpress today you see an article about 500 people from Delaware County who attended a town hall meeting to discuss the problems with the 'new' welfare system.
Of course, Roob blows it off saying how great it really is.
Best words are from a person who commented after the article that it has taken the 'human' out of Human Services. Too bad nobody at the Starpress noted the connection with Roob and the private contractor.
Another "Way to Go, Mitch." Way to go is right. Waaaaay overdue for this guy to go.

Is this what her gathering today in Indy is going to discuss I wonder?

Did anyone hear that the UAW is trying to get the Election Division to investigate Jill Long Thompson? Mitch Daniels could lose 100,000 jobs in the next six months, we're getting four more years whether we like it or not. Oh well, look at the bright side, TDW will be alive and well!

"A whole lot of hoopla that has turned out to be a little bit of nothing."

Mitch's tenure in a nutshell.

CBS News visited BioTown earlier this week:


And Indianapolis:


The way I read it, I don't see it as blaming Mitch for $4 dollar gas. I don't see it as giving him a hard time for buying into the biofuel 'movement'. I see this as an illustration of Mitch saying something is great and good and wonderful and has his full support...then he fails to give it the full support necessary. The biofuel 'movement' isn't stupid, but it does require some invested brainpower and leadership, and in this case the state just hasn't been there for the project. Mitch abandoned it as soon as there was another headline. That is the crux of the matter for me: Mitch is a headline hunter, not a manager and certainly not a good leader for a state that needs one.

So what are we blaming on Mitch? $4 gas, or his buying into the (stupid) biofuel movement? Both?

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