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Hey Mitch, where is your press event now?

A study in 'then and now'

March 2006:  From Inside Indiana Business

Indiana’s rapid growth in the life sciences-related industries reached new heights today as Governor Mitch Daniels joined Pfizer Inc executives to announce the company’s intent to hire more than 450 new employees to manufacture the complete Exubera line at its Terre Haute facility. Exubera is the first inhalable form of insulin for controlling Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in adults. Pfizer received FDA approval for the drug in late January.

Today:  From the Indystar

Drug maker Pfizer Inc. will close its sterile manufacturing plant in Terre Haute by the middle of next year.

The company says the closure will eliminate the remaining 140 jobs at the plant.

The announcement is not surprising as the New York-based company said in January that it would lay off 660 workers at the Vigo County plant. It warned then that the remaining jobs could be cut later.

I can't help but notice that the Governor had everything to do with the new jobs announcement at Pfizer, but is nowhere to be found when those exact same jobs disappear.  Where's the press event, Mitch?  660 jobs that you were so proud to have created have disappeared, where did you go?

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El Diablo - great post. Took you all of 2 days to come up with that one. At least your name fits your post.

Next, maybe you will post about the $9 hr jobs the guv touts.

Advice - stay down there. Mitch will join you one of these days and you can talk bad about Kernan (take note here) and Davis all you want to.

And yet he beat Kernen (sp?)* and Davis*. They were full of something.

*never elected

From Morton Marcus' Eye on the Pie..."The average wage in Indiana did grow between 2000 and 2006. But our 18.2% increase was the fifth lowest rate of growth in the U.S. where the national rate was 20.9%. After adjusting for increases in the prices of what consumers buy, Indiana’s real growth in average wages was a scant 3.0% over six years, not per year."

...Indiana has not kept pace with the nation since 1979 when our average wage per job was 1.6% above the national figure. By 2000 we had fallen to 12.4% below the U.S. and we have continued to decline to 14.4% in 2006, our lowest level yet.

"The issue for Indiana remains pay levels not jobs. Wages and salaries depend on the value of the goods and services produced by workers in Indiana. Education, effort, efficiency are all important. But if we do not have firms that produce what the world wants, then our relative well-being will continue to decline."

He has pretty much abandoned new jobs for Northern Indiana locations. Draw a line from Ohio to the Illinois line along
US 30 and the areas north there are few
new jobs that have been announced.

Even in Central and Southern Indiana
announcements these are turning into limited new jobs numbers (40 to 60 range) typically spread out into 2012-2014 years creation, rather than over the next 6 to 12 months.

The only thing funnier than you guys trying to avoid discussing Jill by this silly thread is the Google ad that's supporting it now that the campaigns are over... from the right-hand column:

Great deals on everything Mitch themed.

From, 'Can't Help but Laugh": "My favorite is when he talks about the unemployment rate in Indiana being lower than the surrounding states, but neglects to mention that when a person's unemployment runs out they are no longer considered "unemployed" whether they have a job or not."

You should know that the number of people collecting unemployment checks has absolutely nothing to do with the unemployment rate. It isn't even used in the calculation at all.

A better explanation for the employment situation in Indiana would have two sides: 1) unemployment is indeed low but the people are employed in low paying jobs that offer little benefits; or b) unemployment is low because the people have become discouraged and have stopped looking for work, thereby disqualifying them from being counted as "unemployed" for the statistics. I'd say there would be some truth to both of those explanations; but in any case, the unemployment rate has nothing to do with the amount of people collecting unemployment benefits.

Now tdwblog don't confuse em' with the facts. If you want to take credit for the good that happens on your watch you have to take responsibility for the bad too. Indiana has consistently ranked in the bottom ten in pretty much every economic category for the last three years. My favorite is when he talks about the unemployment rate in Indiana being lower than the surrounding states, but neglects to mention that when a person's unemployment runs out they are no longer considered "unemployed" whether they have a job or not. In 2007 of the four surrounding states only Michigan and Indiana had fewer people working at the end of the year than at the beginning and based on population Indiana had the highest percentage, (Bureau of Labor Statistics, the same agency Mitch used to beat up Kernan in 2004). If you want to defend Mitch go ahead, the numbers aren't on your side.

I'm glad that Mitch's people have nothing better to do on State time then get on here and defend him. Shouldn't you be out trying to actual create jobs that last?

To counter their point: $8.5 Million of the tax incentives are performance based, the remaining $10 Million makes no mention of it. $3.2 Million is TIF bonds, which means that Vigo County is now out $3.2 Million because they aren't getting the income from Pfizer to pay for the bonds they took out.

So, the state is actually going to come out okay in all of this, but Vigo County is left holding the bulk of the debt.

3:29 - those incentives are performance based, so yes they do get the money back, actually they don't give the money out up front, the company gets it as they reach the benchmarks; so they just will not be giving out the incentives promised since the company didn't meet the mark. Look for more news in Terre Haute this Weds.

Good to see TDW focus attention on where it belongs - the sham claims of the incumbent administration.

It's Mitch's fault because he is trying to make the sow's ear Indiana economy into a silk purse!

The other important question: The State and Vigo counted gave Pfizer a combined $18 Million dollars in tax breaks and incentives. Does the state get paid back for their failed investment?

I understand FSSA also lost so many people. I only posted about DOC because it's what I know for fact (and anyone dubious of the facts need only reference the DOC's annual reports, available on the agency's website). Many other state agencies that have similar stories.

You are right, all the MMM lapdogs consider state employees to be lazy do-nothings who are only interested in picking up their checks. It is true I have seen some like that but they don't last long...not in DOC at least. The people I know work hard, not only for their paycheck (which is generally laughable to anyone in the private sector) but because they believe their work is important for the good of the state. It's why they call this "public service".

Isn't Mitch the guy who at his inauguration lauded and praised public service? Didn't he want some of his CEO buddies to come work a year in the trenches, for the good of the Hoosier state? They signed on for their couple of years, making mega-salaries too, and called themselves public servants. (Most moved on...we in DOC only wish JDD would have too!)

Mitch Daniels praised and 'honored' public service, then proceeded to gut those very services. And now his campaign ads pour high-dollar glitz all over the resulting mess, hoping that nobody notices.


This is the exact same firm, giving jobs with one hand, taking away with the other.

It's business. Happens all the time.

Here's how a smart politicians handles this:

The staff vetts this situation. The new jobs get no announcement. None. Thereby avoiding the public comparison. Because a simple Google search, or, better yet, some good staff work, indicates the same firm cut back in Indiana recently at another location.

Staff writes a nice letter to Pfizer thanking them for continuing to invest in Indiana, governor signs it, we all move on.

But noooooooo. Mitch's press machine trumpets the new jobs. So, they gotta live with the fallout.

Mitch has been an economic disaster for Indiana.

Let's vote this idiot out who has no experience in the private sector and get Thompson in there so we can turn this state around.

Brilliant post.

Oh yeah, 2:02:

Yes, we do hold him responsible. Because he promises exactly the opposite, and his brilliant staff didn't do a very good job on this one.

DOC wasn't the only agency that lost jobs. FSSA lost a bunch and countless other agencies saw long-time, non-union, hard working public servants who understand the concept of service, booted to the curb. Mitch put plenty of state workers on the street, and the unprofessional ways people were dumped was inexcusable. Proves he and his generals are not too human.
But his lapdogs will come on here and blast away as if the people who were kicked out were lazy, theiving slackers. That's his opinion of state employees he fostered heavily in 2005.
Unbeknownst to most of the public, the disasters in state agencies are being frantically but quietly addressed to be made right in time for him to ascend his throne for a second time. God forbid!
How about a whole lot of other jobs LOST? Besides Terre Haute, come over to Muncie and see what it's become, then listen to him brag about Honda where people can't even apply from hard hit areas. And don't forget he thinks ten bucks an hour is good money. That wouldn't pay his electric bill let alone the gas bill from his mansion to the statehouse each month.
Let's be SURE we get this guy out of the statehouse in Nov, and the rest of his goons.

Are we really holding the Governor responsible for a business closing a plant due to lack of demand for the product? Are we really saying that we expect the state to not reduce jobs? What kind of fools post in this website?

And this is his so-called hot streak.

Better put your hat and gloves back on. At this rate, it is going to be a long, hot Summer - Artic style.

He will blame somebody, anybody - but himself and his administration. Just can't wait to see him drag O'Bannon and Kernan into this one. Oh, be assured, he will find a way.

How can Mitch put all that "I created all these jobs for Indiana" crap out when he has allowed over 2300 employees from DOC to be forced out of their jobs?

More than 2300 PEOPLE, public servants, forced out of their jobs due to privitization and streamlining. Oh yea, they were "offered" employment at other facilities...across the state, or doing work they were never trained to do. 55 yr old secretaries offered custody positions. "Like it or leave it" Commissioner J. David Donahue told them. Most left. What do you do? Move your family across the state for a low-paying dangerous job that has obviously no job security anyway??

When Mitch came in, DOC had 9,400 employees running the state's prisons and parole services. After just the first 2 years of this administration, that number had been reduced to 7050. Yet the prison population continues to rise at the same steady rate it has for the last 18+ years.

Feel safe?

More than 2300 jobs LOST. Put that in your fancy ads, Mitch.

How many union jobs were lost when Democrats were in control of the state?

So how do you think he'll amend that nauseating ad with all his great achievements and Super Hero music?

"660 JOBS LOST!" ... just doesn't look good in big bold print does it, Mitch?

Don't bother is campaign time and he is out trying to buy a designer flannel shirt and looking for breaded tenderloins...

Hey, genius, try to pay attention. Mitch claims every new job which comes to Indiana is due solely to his magnificence as governor, yet he ignores the ones that are lost. He can't have it both ways.

Exubera didn't frickin work. How is that Mitch's fault?

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