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Republicans want Jillary

This update on the Indianapolis Star's site tells me all I need to know about who can and can't win in November...

7:57 AM -- Voters reveal their choices

Voters in metro area polling places revealed their ballot strategies this morning.
Banker Ike Coney, 59, said he voted for Sen. Barack Obama and Democractic governor candidate Jim Schellinger

“This is the first year that we have a choice, I think,” Coney said after voting in a Johnson County polling place at Center Grove Middle School.

Sales represtantive Bob Rose selected a Democrat ballot with the general election in mind.

Rose said he voted for Hillary Clinton and Jill Long Thompson, the other Democrat running for governor. Rose said he supports Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels and things Long Thompson will be a weaker opponent.

It was clear that voters in this staunch Republican area were crossing over in the primary.

Precinct inspector Rose Hinesley implored Republicans at the middle school to pick a GOP ballot.

Posted by: Charlotte


I have done my homework. I can read the English language. If the language states you must choose to vote for a majority of the party hodling the primary, and there are two parties holding the primary (and there are)then you must for a majority of the party(ies) holding the primary.

You people need to think about what you are saying. Let's say I vote for 50% Dem and 50% Rep on the general. According to you guys, for the last office choice I must vote the way I voted in the primary to be legal; thereby, negating my right as a voter to vote my conscience!? You guys want me to believe the law states this crap? I don't think so. I would rather choose to believe my interpretation, especially since I know it is correct.

"....Once again, you do not choose a party at the primary election."

Once again, 1:23, r-e-a-l slowly so you can gete it:

Yes, you do in fact choose a party at the primary, by choosing its ballot. And by law you are supposed to vote for/support a majority of that party's candidates. David Roach's party, if he has one, didn't have a ballot at the polls yesterday, or you could've chosen it. His post is its own silly story, but I digress.

Your ballot choice yesterday, by fiat, defines your party affiliation until the next primary. Unless, of course, you choose the nonpartisan school board ballot only, or unless there's a referendum question and you choose ot vote only on it.

And again, I don't necessarily like it, but it is the law. And long-standing tradition. Please refrain from rewriting Indiana election law on this blog or anywhere else.

It makes you look, uh, chaotic, for lack of a better word.

Actually I've got a better word but it's not very polite. :-)

If the Republicans knew what was best, they probably wouldn't be in this weakened state.

indiana election law also provides for penalties for disclosing who