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The waiting is the hardest part: Gubernatorial votes continue to trickle in

Jill Long Thompson has declared victory, but with some precincts still out and thousands of provisional ballots still waiting to be counted, this race will likely not be over until it is over, as they say. Jim Schellinger's campaign is promising to let the process work, and that every vote will be counted in a contest they still see as too close to call.

Regardless, there were 1.1 million ballots between the two candidates -- a number that should put this all in perspective in terms of the main objective of this whole democratic exercise.


How many names can Jen blog under?

Jim lost. Jill won. Now let's beat mitch and stop whining.

I find it interesting that some on this blog blame the Schellinger loss on Mike Edmondson...really? You are blaming a loss on a guy who left the campaign six months ago? If you didn't notice, after Edmondson left, Schellinger's money dried up, Parker took the lead role unabated, Wagner staged press events in the shadow of government funded CSO projects on earth day (duh), Schellinger's campaign waited six days to respond to an attack ad, the campaign had no presence anywhere leading up to election day, and they got completely out hustled and out maneuvered by JLT. Kudos to Jill, she did exactly what she needed to do and Dan's dream team of Jeffers, Wagner, Linda Harris, didn't turn anything around. That's because at the end of the day, it was parker calling the shots the whole time. Screwing up and blaming the staff....no matter who the staff was.

Safely Sane Rule of Life No.14--and now a BLog-Reading Rule, too:

Whenever a person rambles on, and Hitler comes into the mix, stop reading, listening, caring about the person's views.

Because you cannot help them. They are gone.

Dear Democrats-

Thank you so much for the wonderful present, complete with a big bow. JLT is toast. This couldn't have worked out any better.


Your Republican Neighbors

Let me say that I didn't like Jim Schellinger as a candidate at all, but I voted for him because I knew that he was the only one that stood a chance to beat Mitch Daniels in November.

The party should not waste the time, effort or money to prop up the candidacy of a consistent failure like Jill Long Thompson. There is something special going on in the Indiana Democratic party, and she has nothing to do with it.

As Pete Rozell said, "On any given Sunday, any team can win or lose". My choice was Jim Schellinger. I worked hard for him and hated to see him concede today. I have been tough on JLT on this blog and I make no apologies for anything I have written. That being said, I congratulate her and her supporters.

We need to unite this fall. Let's Ditch Mitch.