What not to do in an election

At the risk of also being sued, and being added to the list of people including Bil Browning (Bilerico), Sheila Kennedy (American Values ALliance), The Orentlicher campaign, and Tyrion Lannister, Woody Myers is using his substantial warchest to send his lawyers after the political world. 

Yes, that's not a joke, Woody Myers is threatening to sue a bunch of people over the Orentlicher ad calling Dr. Myers an HMO Front man.  His lawyer says "Dr. Myers has an impeccable, exemplary reputation which we will not allow to be tarnished by defamatory statements."  Though I can't tell you the difference between libel and defamatory comments and their criteria, I think that anyone involved in politics or who has ever voted can tell you that you really can't sue your opponent for a negat