Senate Titans face primary opposition

Hoping to pull a Borst or Garton upset, several big name Republican lawmakers face primary opposition this year.  From today's Indystar:

Anger over Indiana's property tax crisis and a general distaste for incumbents have led to an unusual number of primary challenges in Statehouse races this spring, particularly among key Senate leaders.

Four of the most experienced and powerful Republican leaders in the Indiana Senate are facing challengers in Tuesday's primary, three of them for the first time in their long tenures.

Sens. Beverly J. Gard, Luke Kenley, Connie Lawson and Teresa S. Lubbers represent Central Indiana districts, chair key committees and have a combined 64 years of legislative experience.

This time of year, they usually can rest easy, knowing their stature within the Republican Party and influence at the Statehouse make the odds of a challenge long and the chances of an upset slim.

This year, however, has been different.

They're dusting off campaign signs, knocking on doors again, printing fresh campaign fliers and taking nothing for granted.

"These are not entitlement seats," said Lubbers, R-Indianapolis. "We have to earn them."

It's funny to hear Lubbers say that they aren't entitled to their seats because if you've ever heard Kenley or Lubbers on the Senate floor or in committee you would see that they certainly feel like they are.  One wonders how a person who bills herself as a teacher even though she only taught school for two years, and who sends her kids to private school, can be in charge of the Senate's education policy.  I think it's a good ex