Two Sets Of Talking Points: Guv Hates On Schools, Loves Education?

Apple_2 When you see, on one hand, the Guv talking about schools and local governments like they're the most wasteful entities on the face of the planet, you have to wonder how he can turn around and say things like this with a straight face:

Daniels said the state will continue to fund education properly.

"Schools and education come at the top of the priority list in Indiana," Daniels said. "I'm sure it will still be -- certainly for me -- a top priority regardless of budget circumstances."

That quote comes from this story by Associated Press writer Deanna Martin about the long-term effects of the Guv's tax "reform" plan on school districts, particularly those that don't have an affluent tax base on which to rely for funding:

Gov. Mitch Daniels says the state's new property tax restructuring plan "puts taxpayers first." But schools worry that coming in second could cost them millions, threaten programs and widen the gap between poor and rich districts.

"We have a responsibility, an obligation and a duty to ensure that our students receive a quality education," said Indianapolis Public Schools Superintendent Eugene White. "We have to pay for that."

The tax plan Daniels signed into law Wednesday will cap property tax bills for most homeowners at 1 percent of their home's assessed value, with 2 percent limits on rental property and 3 percent caps for businesses.

More money in taxpayers' pockets means less cash for schools. And education budgets are already tight, said Nate Schnellenberger, president of the Indiana State Teachers Association.

"Anyone that thinks that teachers are overpaid or schools are overfunded simply hasn't been out in the real world in a while," he said.

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