An Open Letter To The Motorists Who Turn Left Into The Starbucks At Fall Creek And College At Rush Hour

Dear Motorists Who Turn Left Into The Starbucks At Fall Creek And College At Rush Hour:

I hope, as you sit there backing up traffic through the intersection at a light that's not very long for those of us Northbound commuters, that you are really looking forward to the grande double-shot-mocha-no-fat-latte-with-whip (and chocolate sprinkles on top!) you are going to order once you convince someone heading South to let you cut in front of them.

As I sit behind you, staring at the incessant blinky-blinky-blinky of your turn signal, unable to get over because everyone else saw your rude act before I did and it is now impossible for me to wedge my car out and pass you, I also hope the barista putting the sanitary lid on your overpriced drink didn't wash her hands after she went to the bathroom.

Finally, by way of a general public service announcement, I would like to let you know that the "100 Calorie Packs" of Chips Ahoy! cookies and Honey Maid graham crackers are truly terrible.

Your Former Blogmistress

P.S. I don't get much opportunity to read blogs these days, but I noticed late last night that the mood here had become a bit surly. C'mon, kids. This is politics. Keep it in perspective. Oh, and have a little fun already.

Shakin' and Quakin': Earthquake rattles just about everywhere

As a born-and-bred Hoosier, the sensation of waking up to your house shaking isn't exactly the most calming thing in the world. Especially with Kokomo fighting off alien invasions and the whatnot.

Regardless, a quake it was, and the question of the day will undoubtedly be, "did you feel it?"

A 5.2 magnitude earthquake that appeared to rival the strongest recorded in the region rocked people up to 450 miles away from the southern Illinois epicenter early today, surprising residents unaccustomed to such a powerful Midwest temblor.

The quake traveled the length of Indiana, but there were no reports of injuries or damage.

The quake just before 5:37 a.m. was centered six miles from West Salem, Ill., and 66 miles from Evansville. It was felt in such distant cities as Indianapolis, Chicago, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, and Des Moines, Iowa, 450 miles northwest of the epicenter, but there were no early reports of injuries or significant damage.

Posted by: Thomas

Electoral Fight! When Republicans attack (...literally)

A tip o' the hat to a commenter over at my other digs for pointing out the latest in the ongoing saga of Republican wankery in Muncie. As if under-staffing their office and potentially disenfranchising new voters wasn't bad enough, it looks like the local GOP have taken to just trying to beat the hell out of everyone who disagrees with them, including a reporter and Barry Welsh, the Democratic congressional candidate in the 6th District.

A Republican voter registration deputy faces battery charges after he tackled a newspaper reporter and hit the Democratic 6th District congressional candidate after a contentious Delaware County Election Board meeting this afternoon.

The meeting had just ended when Will Statom, GOP registration deputy and secretary of the local Republican Party, attacked Star Press reporter Nick Werner while Werner was interviewing Ball State University student Johanna Perez about hundreds of last-minute voter registrations for Democrat Barack Obama's campaign.

"He did not seem very happy that we were stating our opinions," Perez said afterwards about Statom.

Werner said Statom seemed critical of his reporting, sarcastically saying to make sure he screwed up the story again.

Statom had just walked past Werner when Statom turned around and pushed Werner against the wall, grabbed him and they fell to the ground, according to witnesses.

Barry A. Welsh, Democratic 6th district congressional candidate, who attended the meeting, stepped in, and Statom turned around and hit Welsh in the eye.

"When Nick went to the floor, I tried to break it up," Welsh said.

Posted by: Thomas

Holy Macaroni! Pass the breadsticks and a helping of Jesus!

There was an interesting article in the Indy Star about businesses that use religious principles as a guide in decision making. 

"When customers walk into Chick-fil-A, they get a side with their chicken sandwich that's rare in the world of monstrous fast-food chains: Christianity.

No bones about it, this company's business philosophy is based largely on biblical principles -- including the decision to remain closed on Sundays, when the company could be making big bucks at its 1,356 stores.

"It's become so much a part of how people think about us that they almost think of that as quick as they think of our chicken sandwich," said Dan Cathy, president of the Atlanta-based chain, who was visiting the Avon store last week.

Once scared to speak out about religion in business, more and more companies are coming out of the spiritual closet. No organization actually tracks the number of companies driven by a religious philosophy, but there are plenty of examples"

The article is entirely too long to put here, but the part I wanted to focus is:

"Customers are drawn to the restaurant [Chick-fil-A} not only for the food but also for the values."

I can't help but wonder, for those of you out there in the blogosphere, does the religious affiliation of a certain business make you more or less likely to patronize that business or does it not have any bearing  on your decision?  Give some examples.  (Or as my math teacher used to require - Show Your Work)

Posted by:

All Dolled Up: Carmel Moms Still Fighting Vicky's, Ignoring Sex Issue

Images1_2 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

You people are still upset about the Victoria's Secret display models? Seriously?

Carmel officials say the community remains about as child-friendly as they come. City zoning codes prohibit sexually oriented businesses, a move intended to keep negative elements away from families, said City Council President Rick Sharp.

Sharp, who moved to Carmel from the Miami area 15 years ago, said the decency discussion proves Carmel is wholesome.

"We are arguing about Victoria's Secret displays as a matter of public policy debate. How do you get more family-friendly than that?" Sharp asked. "There are places much better suited to take that fight than Carmel."

Fighters on the decency front acknowledge Carmel is no Las Vegas or New York City.

But they say sexual images are damaging, no matter where they're viewed.

"I'm concerned about our children. Why are they having sex at 12?" Victoria's Secret protester Lori Baxter said in an interview before the council vote March 17. "Could it be that we've promoted sex so long, we've become desensitized?"

What kind of topsy-turvy world are we living in when your crazy liberal blogmistress is speaking out against government regulation and advocating personal responsibility like it's this season's wedge heel?

Why are your children having sex at 12? Because that's when your body tells you to start having sex.

The better question, Lori, is why you don't parent your children instead of asking the government to cover up all the things that might remotely make them think about sex.

Porn shops? Okay. Brothels? Problematic and illegal. But Vicky's models? Get a clue.

Here's an idea: Instead of bitching about thongs like they're crystal meth, which probably also exists in your community and should be of major concern, why don't you take a little time to explain to your kids why women get all dolled up in lace and satin (it's not just for sex, you know), why men watch the Vicky's fashion show on CBS and that sex is a beautiful thing under the right circumstances, not something to be vilified and feared.

Or maybe you'd rather just have the government do that for you, too.


Happy Easter: Eat Some Peeps And Hop On Down That Bunny Trail

UPDATE: Baby TDW chills with pays absolutely no attention to E. Bunny:


EARLIER: If you subscribe to a religion that believes in Jesus and the Resurrection and all that jazz, happy Easter. If you don't, there's plenty of basketball to go 'round. And you don't have to be any particular religion to enjoy sticking marshmallow candies in the microwave and watching them turn into an ooey-gooey mess:

The Tourney: We Will Fight, But Not Very Hard, For The Cream And Crimson

Iulogo And finally, because it's shaping up to be a slow news day this holiday weekend, let's react to IU's implosion on the court last night.

Oh, wait. This is a family-friendly blog, which means TDW can't accurately express her disappointment with the Hoosiers' first-round performance except to say that she hopes the university kicks Dan Dakich to the curb and gets a real coach in there. Preferably one who doesn't cheat.

Not that TDW had much faith in IU this tourney, and not that Connecticut didn't screw up her bracket anyway, but here's to Butler, Purdue and Notre Dame. If they all get knocked out, pull for the Big Ten. And if none of the Big Ten teams make it, cheer for Anyone But Duke.

You Pick 'Em: Your Last Chance To Join TDW's March Madness Bracket

Basketballhoop Consider this your last reminder to join TDW's bracket over on the ESPN website.

All the cool kids are doing it.

Entries close tomorrow once the first game gets underway.

Not Germane: Your Daily Reminder To Take Part In TDW's Bracket Challenge

Basketballhoop If you haven't already signed up, click here to take part in TDW's annual NCAA tournament bracket through ESPN.

What are you waiting for?

It takes, like, three minutes to fill out, and you might win, which would give you bragging rights for the entire year. (To wit: "Not only do I completely disagree with you on that issue, TDW, but I beat your sorry butt in the NCAA bracket.")

You have 'til the first game on Thursday to enter.

Hoop Dreams: Join The Annual TDW Bracket, Compete For Vast Riches

Basketballhoop It's the Monday after Selection Sunday, which means it's time for TDW to start her annual March Madness tournament challenge via ESPN.

If you'd like to fill out a bracket and compete with your fellow blog readers, click here. (You'll have to create an account if you don't already have one.)

This year's prize has yet to be determined, but it will be something more substantial than the mere glory of besting your political compatriots.

Right. TDW is off to make her picks, which are almost always wrong. But if the blogmistress won her own bracket, someone would cry foul.

P.S. An eight seed for IU? Yeah, we haven't had a great season, but we're not that bad.

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