Where In The World Is Barack Obama?

Political stalker hack checking in...

Wanna know where Obama is? Check my favorite website, FlightAware, to see where the candidate's Boeing 757 is at any particular moment. Of course there's no guarantee Obama is actually on the plane, as some venues are close enough to do a drive around. But do not fear! He's scheduled to arrive into Indianapolis Metro at 10:18p this evening.

Sometimes the pilots don't file a flight plan, especially if their destination is somewhat close to the departing airport. This is apparent in the plane's history as it appears that the plane simply showed up at the South Bend airport from Fort Wayne without having flown there. In any case, it's fun to live vicariously, no?

Have fun!

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Barack Obama just an hour ago took a bit of time before his appearance at Assembly Hall to talk with key volunteers and precinct committee captains on a half hour conference call.

Unlike an earlier April conference call with President Clinton, technical and logistical problems did not keep us waiting for 30-plus minutes.

Barack seemed calm, almost resigned and dareisay tired. He spoke of his "former pastor" and the heaps of "static received in the past three days." Barack said Rev. Wright doesn't follow the ideals of the campaign and offered, "It's not about me...it's not about Hillary Clinton or John McCain. It's about you...your kids, your grandkids.

"It's about pushing back against the Washington special interests."

'08ama then offered some Mitch Daniels-esque rhetoric when speaking to the gas tax suspension Hillary has been calling for. He says, "a break won't solve the long term problem." Adding, "McCain and Hillary are using this gas crisis for political gain."

You may remember the bill State Rep Dennie Oxley authored in 2007 that called for the sales tax on gasoline to be suspended when prices reach $2.24. The bill died and later that summer, Pat Bauer wanted to look into it after prices reached the $3.00 mark. Mitch, of course, cockblocked any idea of it.

So, as I listen to U2's "City of Blinding Lights" streaming into Assembly Hall, I think to myself that perhaps it is Obama that's right for America. One thing is for sure: there's a tangible difference (from the Clinton events) in the makeup of the Obama stumpstops: there is no seated dignitary pool. There's a mosh pit of sorts that bespeaks the grassroots feel of a trip to Bonaroo. This is a different campaign, my friends and Indiana is better for it. Baron Hill thinks so. Will that help sway you?

I'll leave you to your thoughts with one of Barack's last comments, "Let's go out there and get Indiana. With this state, we'll be onboard to wrap up this nomination."

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Barack in Btown Wednesday

Linda Richman here.

Heads up, 08ama fans:

Barack will make an appearance Wednesday evening in Bloomington.

Assembly Hall at Indiana University
1001 E. 17th St.
Bloomington, IN

Doors Open: 6:00 PM
Program Begins: 8:30 PM

Talk amongst yourselves!

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Weekend open thread

The sun is shining and it's 10 or so days until the election, so get outside and work in the yard or knock on doors for your favorite candidate!

Knowing that myself and many other colleagues are swamped with election stuff this weekend, I thought I'd give you all a chance to sound off on anything you like.  The blog is open for business, have fun, but me more civil than yesterday, please!

Have a great weekend!

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Semi-Open Thread: Let's all vent about our college loans

This is completely off topic and related to nothing politically, but if you are like me, you have nothing but hatred in your heart for private student loan providers, such as Sallie Mae.  Seeing articles like this bring a smile to my face:

Sallie Mae lost $104 million in the first quarter and fell short of Wall Street’s expectations amid a severe disruption in the troubled student loan industry.


Sallie Mae, the nation’s largest student lender, has suffered from financial losses, a failed buyout and reshuffling of top management in the past year. In January, the company said it was becoming more selective about student loans, and would emphasize the importance of graduation to predict students’ likelihood of repaying their debts.

I don't regret the amounts of my student loans as I loved college and would do it again in an instant.  What I detest is trying to deal with Sallie Mae whenever they screw up my account (and they ALWAYS screw up my account).  Their employees are trained SO badly that anytime I call in to get anything done with my account, they have no clue what to do.  It's to the point where I have done it so many times that I have to explain to them what they need to do in their computer and what forms they need to send me, that's how inept they are.

Now, to clarify:  I know Sallie Mae has a large presence in our state, and I don't detest their workforce.  The people I deal with on the phone not only do not live in Indiana, they don't live in this country.  Every single time I call I end up wondering who in the world runs this company, and I am not surprised with earnings reports like I reported above.

There is a large problem with the student lending business as a whole.  I am lucky that the majority of my student loans are with the Federal Government, which has a FIXED interest rate right around 3%.  I also can't say that the interest rates on my Sallie Mae loans are ridiculous, though they do tend to border it.  I nearly choke though when I talk to some of my friends who have credit card interest rates on their student loans, and these are not from loan sharks, they are from reputable student loan companies.

That said, let's all use this hump day open thread to vent about our horrible student loan experiences.

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Friday Open Thread: Put Me In, Coach, I'm Ready To Play Today

Openmicnight TDW is tending to several things, including a moderately unhappy baby, on this Good Friday, so you can play here until she has a few free minutes to bring you news updates.

If you can't think of anything else to talk about, how about basketball?

Damn, that Duke game was close.

Friday Open Thread: You Had To Have The Front Page, Bold Type

Crazybird TDW has a whole bunch of in-laws coming into town this afternoon, so she's running a little short on time.

Also, there isn't much in the news today unless you want to talk about the crazies who've been busy completely misinterpreting state laws and filing bogus complaints in the Seventh District Congressional race.

Their time might be better spent helping out Republican candidate Jon Elrod. He sure could use some money.

Wednesday Open Thread: It's You And Me And The Bottle Makes Three

Squirrel Why does 70 percent of your score on the Indiana Bar Examination derive from tests that have precisely nothing to do with Indiana law?

What does your ability to answer 200 multiple choice questions primarily designed to trick you have to do with becoming a successful lawyer?

Who came up with this new-fangled exam?

What were they thinking?

Where are they right now?

When will this end?

Programming note: At or before 4:30 this afternoon, TDW will put down her pencil and stop talking about the bar exam. Shortly thereafter, she will be sitting at home on the sofa with a bottle of scotch and her loved ones close by. All will be well again, and this blog will return -- probably on Thursday -- to politics unusual.

Tuesday Open Thread: There's No Time To Lose, I Heard Her Say

Pencil Second verse, same as the first.

Law of the Fourth Estate: Something really newsworthy and awesome is bound to happen while TDW is locked away all day in Plainfield.

Exception to the Law of the Fourth Estate: Maybe it won't. For public policy reasons. Or because it would be inherently unjust.


Monday Open Thread: The Bullhorn Crackles And The Captain Tackles

Book If you absolutely must discuss whatever's going on today, this is the place.

TDW will be over in the corner trying to get just a little bit of this law stuff to stick.

Behave, please.

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