Bottom Line: All This BMV Drama Is Costing The State A Few Extra Bucks

Bmvlogo_36WTHR-TV looks into the additional costs associated with two months of failed service at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Kudos to their investigative team for asking about how much taxpayers are going to have to pay for these mistakes.

"The check's in the mail for thousands of Bureau of Motor Vehicles customers getting refunds after paying late fees earlier this month. 13 Investigates uncovers the cost, and why customers and employees are still paying the price for ongoing breakdowns at the license branch.

"The cost of failed service at the BMV is a pinch over $81,000. 13 Investigates obtained BMV financial records from the state auditor's office listing the amount the commissioner will mail out in reimbursed late fees.

"Governor Mitch Daniels ordered the fees waived August 3rd, days after 16,000 Hoosiers paid $5 a pop for late registrations Daniels said were no fault of their own."

Of course, that dollar amount doesn't include the cost of months of customer frustration, law enforcement woes, voter registration issues and the other side effects of Joel Silverman's incompetence.

Short-Changed: BMV Mayhem Causes One More Problem At The Local Level

Bmvlogo_21The Richmond Palladium-Item has a piece about yet another consequence of the current disarray at the BMV. Thanks to the TDW field correspondent who discovered this and passed it along. And a pox on all TDW's Google Alerts that failed to catch the story. (Though, admittedly, Google can't have known to search for "Connie Nash.")

"Problems with the new computer system at the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles are now impacting local street and highway departments.

"August payments of motor vehicle highway funds to counties and cities were reduced because the BMV didn't make weekly fund transfers last month to the state treasurer.

"The Wayne County Highway Department's August payment was about $72,000 less than its 2005 August payment, said highway supervisor Mike Sharp. Richmond's August MVH funds were down $36,000, city controller John Kenny said.

"The Union County Highway Department got only $5,000 in MVH funds for August, down from the $40,000 to $60,000 it normally receives in monthly payments, highway supervisor Wanda Hartman said.

"State Auditor Connie Nash said the BMV transferred only $323,666 to the state treasurer in July, compared to $6.57 million in July 2005. Money is typically transferred from the BMV each Monday to the state treasurer, but that didn't happen in July, Nash said. The state auditor's office distributes the highway funds to local governments on the first of each month."

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